Avoid Making Your Mortgage A Wasteful Borrowing

Do Not Take Out The First Decent Loan You Are Offered

First Published Date : August 26, 2009 ADawnJournal.com

The fact that it is nigh-on impossible for most people to buy a house without borrowing at least some of the cost these days has hardened some of us to the question of debt. It would not be wrong to say that a large amount of the consumer debt which is strangling companies and individuals right now is a result of people saying “Well, we are all in debt these days anyway – what harm will it do to add a little bit more?”. We have become hardened to debt – and even those of us who seek to avoid debt altogether are conscious that this has happened. Just for clarification, becoming hardened to debt does not mean ignoring it altogether. Rather, it means that we accept it will exist and we try to live the best way we can while recognising the fact.

One consequence of becoming hardened to debt as a society is that there has been a certain amount of slippage where wastefulness is concerned. Being ready to accept debt – as we all must be, eventually – should not mean being wasteful. If we are debt conscious, we can minimise the damage done to our finances by debt. If we are wasteful, we run the risk of doing something which is essentially the equivalent of accepting that there will always be a little bit of mess in our house, and inviting a family of horses to live in our kitchen in recognition of the fact. Yes, you can live with debt. No, you cannot live indefinitely with several debts getting in the way of everything you do and making a mess of things.

It doesn’t even need to be the case that you regularly miss loan payments for you to qualify as wasteful – although the amount of extra cash you will need to pay to make up for that certainly qualifies. Another wasteful thing to do as regards credit accounts is to take out the first decent loan you are offered without doing a little bit of shopping around first. There are so many banks out there who offer mortgages, and other institutions besides who will loan money for the purpose of buying a house. Even when people take into account that the bank will own a stake in the house for the duration of the loan account, they are often still all too happy to settle for a “decent” mortgage, when a little bit of time spent researching would have freed them up to the tune of hundreds of dollars per month.

Being wasteful costs us a lot of money when we are young, and some people never really learn the lesson. Sure, it’s fun to let go every so often, but that’s what ball games, clubs and friends are for. A mortgage shouldn’t be a case of “yeah, this will do!”. It needs to be a matter of “yes, this is the right one”. You’ll be paying it off for a quarter of a century or more, most likely, so it requires some attention.

Time to Take It Slow

Personal Development and Taking It Slow

When you decide to start betting yourself through personal development, one of the first things you need to do is take a breath. The world is very fast paced and that leaves a lot of people scrambling to keep up. It can be difficult because people do not know what to do with a world that moves by like a speeding freeway. We become stressed, confused and depressed. There is an old saying that tells people to stop and smell the roses, and that is something you need to do when you are involved in personal development. You need to take the time to slow things down and just enjoy the time around you.

We too often feel that everything moves fast and therefore we must move fast, and if you do not want to move fast you can become depressed. Depression is a nail in the coffin of personal development, and you need to find a way to beat it. That comes from practicing the concept of Carpe Diem, which is Latin for Seize the Day. You want to seize the day because by doing that, you better yourself. This is why people create goals and bucket lists, they want to be able to seize the time they have and better who they are. They want to reach the end of their life knowing that they have done all that they can and are better for it.

How does this come into taking it slow? Well if you do not appreciate life and the time you have, you cannot seize the day. You do not want to rush through life because you will not spend the time you want to better yourself. If every day is about going to work, coming home and working, then going to work the next day, how do you have time to take it slow? Do you want to better yourself by learning a new skill? Well, then you should take the time to learn to do something like cooking. If you only buy microwave food because you are thinking you are too busy, you are not doing yourself any favours.

Look at something like Tai Chi, it is about moving slow and becoming one with your spirituality. There is no rushing; it is the joy of the movement. People like to go out on the water but they go out on motorboats rather than canoes. By taking a canoe you have more time to reflect on the quiet around you. Taking it slow allows you to look inward at who you are and to take the time to better yourself. We would all like to have infinite time but that is not going to happen, so instead you need to take it slow so you can make time for what matters in your personal development. Rushing through your life is just getting you to the end sooner, and that is something you are not going to want. Breath, relax and take it slow.

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Was The Global Financial Crisis a Blessing in Disguise?

Global Financial Crisis Is A Demonstrable Wake-Up Call To The World

First Published: August 28, 2009 ADawnJournal.com

It may not be a universally popular opinion, but there are certainly more than a few people who will tell you with a straight face that the global financial crisis had to come when it did, and moreover that it was the best thing that could have happened at the time. Most of these people will generally whisper the suggestion quietly rather than say it loud enough for a recently-unemployed eavesdropper to hear, but is there any chance that they actually have a point? Could we come out of the crisis stronger as a world, as nations and as people?

What cannot be denied is that we who live in countries where the mass media have a tendency towards hyperbole probably took longer to accept that the crisis was a very real fact. As has also recently been evidenced by the swine flu pandemic, there is a tendency after a while for people to become fundamentally skeptical about anything that they have not seen for themselves. Even now in more than one nation, there are people saying that the pandemic was exaggerated because comparatively few people have died as compared to the Black Death or Spanish flu epidemics. That it was largely due to speedy reaction from governments that we didn’t see much worse seems to slip people’s minds.

As with the pandemic, so with the crisis. Except, in this case, the symptoms worldwide came before the panic, but were largely ignored by many. Global economies fell like a house of cards, but it was not until the trickle of bad news turned into a torrent that many people realised just how bad things had got. This wasn’t just a minor bump in trade, but a crisis that would render many unemployed or bankrupt – or worse. The effects have been awful but could it be said that, given the inevitability of something like this happening, it is best that it has happened now rather than getting even further out of control?

One thing that has come out of the global financial crisis is that people have begun to see money in a more enlightened way. Before the crisis, many people saw their credit card as an extension of their financial solvency, rather than something which could very easily ruin it. There was also incredible snobbery towards people who bought things second-hand or cheaply, as conspicuous consumption reached its zenith. Now, it is almost cool to be a thrifty shopper and an assiduous saver.

There have been knock-on benefits in other ways, too. We now seem to have a tendency to recycle more. Consumption and waste are becoming watchwords for us all, which may well be a lesson that bears fruit in years to come. And yet, the fact remains that this crisis has left millions without jobs, without homes and many without hope. It cannot be said with any real measure of truth that this crisis has been a good thing. What it has been – hopefully – is a demonstrable wake-up call to the world that when someone yells “crisis!” it might be worth paying attention.

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves | Waitomo, New Zealand

New Zealand Travel Blog: Part 8

From Te Puia to Waitomo is about a 1 hour-50 minute drive. I was watching the scenery pass by out the window from the tour bus and the natural beauty of New Zealand felt like I was watching something from a movie. Sometimes I felt like I was having a dream because everything can’t be so unimaginably beautiful.

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves are located in Waitomo District, Waikato Region, North Island. If you are visiting New Zealand, these caves should be one of the must-see spots.

These caves glow because of a kind of glow warm called Arachnocampa luminosa. These glowing worms are unique to New Zealand and their luminescent light is what makes the caves glow. These caves are underground and connected to the Waitomo River.

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves withstand the test of time. It took 30 million years of geological and volcanic activity to create these caves. The limestone formation started when the area was under water 30 million years ago.

The limestone is made of small marine organisms, seashells, fish and other sea animal skeletons, corals, and much more. Over millions of years, the fossilized rocks layered and compressed to create the Waitomo region.

Earth movement and sea level rise formed these caves. Air exposure and seabed movement caused cracks in the limestone, allowing water to flow through them and forming the caves slowly over time.

Also, water dripping from the ceiling and dripping over the wall caused limestone to form something like pillars and columns. These pillars can be straight, bent, twisted around each other and so many other peculiar shapes that it’s hard to believe they can all be created by earth and ocean elements without human intervention.

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Music and Personal Development

The Power of Music For Changing Your Life

The type of music you listen to says a lot about you, however to say that a person who listens to Metallica is angry, or a person who listens to Beethoven is sophisticated, is simply wrong. Yes, the music you listen to influences you, but anyone can listen to all forms of music and appreciate it all. However, discussing the point of music and what music is better is not what is being done here. No instead, we are going to look at how music can help to change your life and lead to personal development.

Music is very important to the human condition. Music was probably one of the first artistic things humans ever did beyond painting on cave walls. Today, there is so many choices with music that you can literally never get through it all.

In terms of personal development and music, music can be used to not only make you happy, but to motivate you as well. For example, if you listen to sad music, you will most likely feel down. However, if you listen to upbeat music, you can most likely become happy.

In professional sport leagues, teams will often play loud music that has a lot of energy to it so that they can get ready for the game and get pumped up for it. They are essentially using music to change their lives. They are using music to implement something and influence a part of themselves. In their case, they are influencing their energy and adrenaline so they can play better.

In your case, you can use music that will get you pumped up, but you can also use music that will make you happy. Look at your collection of music and choose songs that inspire you and make you smile. Picture yourself walking down a nice beach on a sunny day and think of the music you would like to hear. What music relaxes you in that case and makes you smile. You want to think about that because by choosing the music that relaxes you and makes you smile, you can then create the same feelings as that beach by just listening to the songs. It has been proven that music can relieve stress and brighten your mood, so why wouldn’t you use it when you are trying to change who you are. You cannot change who you are and better yourself if you are not optimistic about who you are going to be. You need to be in the right frame of mind and the best way to do that is to listen to music that makes you happy. You can think about happy things, but music just works better for stirring the emotions that influence you to better yourself.

So, go and download the mp3 of your favourite song that makes you happy. Sit back, and listen to it and imagine yourself changing your life. Think of how happy you will be and think of how it will change who you are. Before you know it, you will be happy and ready to begin a journey of personal development.

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