Is There a Chromebook Expiration Date?

Where Do I Find It When My Chromebook Expires?

Whether you call it an Expiration Date, End of Life Policy, or Auto Update Policy, Chromebooks do have a date beyond which Google does not guarantee updates.

In the past, it used to be called End of Life Policy, but then Google changed the term to Auto Update Policy. Also, Google has changed the timeframe to Auto Update Expiration several times. For example, before it was 4 years, then 5 years, and now 6 and a half years.

The Auto Update Expiration countdown starts from the date of the release, not from the date when you bought it. However, although Google’s Auto Update Policy does not guarantee to provide updates beyond expiration (6 and a half years, currently), it does not necessarily mean you will not receive updates.

There is no firm policy on this or nothing written in stone. You might keep getting updates even once your Chromebook expires. Some of the very old Chromebooks, Google’s CR-48 and Samsung’s Series 5, for example, (and many others) received updates beyond their expiration dates.

You can find your device’s Auto Update Expiration Date following the link provided. Should you continue using your Chromebook beyond its expiration date if no updates are provided? It depends on how comfortable you are in terms of your Chromebook’s security vulnerability.

Google recommends getting a new Chromebook after expiration because it will be vulnerable to unpatched exploits.

My Asus Chromebook Flip C302 will expire in November of 2022. So I still have about 5 years to go and that’s a very good life in my opinion. I will be happy to upgrade to a new one because there will be more new features and enhancements at that time. Besides, unlike Windows laptops, Chromebooks won’t break your wallet.

Chromebook Expiration Policy

5 Best Android Free Live Wallpapers

My Top Favourite Android Live Wallpapers 

First Published: Jan 21, 2012

Live wallpapers can add totally different dimensions to your phone or tablet screens. After searching for hours, these are my top five picks for live wallpapers. 

Lightwell Live Wallpaper CE by DeDee - A great piece and visually pleasing. This wallpaper shows your current location, how long you are at your location, time, battery status, etc. It is not live in the sense that it does not move on screen, but information changes on your screen based on your movement and location. Very easy on the battery and does not slow down the device. 

Puddle Drops by Schuler Mobile - Having this wallpaper is like having a live pool on your screen. This wallpaper simulates falling water drops on screen. Tap or shake your device to create more drops. Looks really good on a tablet screen.    

Radar Live Wallpaper by Biturix - Make your phone or tablet look like a real radar with this app. Radar beam speed, objects on radar, and color are customizable. Easy on battery. 

Blue Skies Live Wallpaper by Kittehface Software - This wallpaper makes you feel like you are flying through the clouds. Looks good, but drains battery and slows down device. 

My Beach Free by DualBoot Games - Have your own secluded beach on your screen while clouds floating above you and ocean waves breaking onto the shore. Looks very good, but drains battery and

How Google Determines the Order of Search Results

ADJ Scores Higher PageRank

First Published: Jul 31, 2008

Recently, Google just updated their PageRank, and A. Dawn Journal (ADJ) scored a higher PageRank. Previously, ADJ PageRank was 1, and now ADJ gets a PageRank of 3. You may ask, “What is PageRank and why it is important?” Today, I am going to discuss what PageRank is, why it is important, and how Google (or other search engines) decides the order of search results.

How Google Determines the Order of Search Results

When you input keywords into Google’s “Search” box to perform a search, there are many factors that decide the order of search results. Google uses a mathematical formula called an Algorithm to display search results in order. This formula has roughly two hundred components and each component is looking for a specific part of a website to determine the total score of each website’s search results. Based on these scores, websites will be placed high or low in search results. For websites, it is very important to appear on the first few pages of search results – most people are not going to sift through some 20 million or so search results.

What Components Google Looks For

Here is just a few of the 200 components Google looks for:

  • PageRank
  • Placement of keywords
  • Use of keywords
  • Themes
  • HTML coding
  • How old is the domain?
  • Website traffic
  • Where the website is hosted

What Is PageRank?

 PageRank is Google’s way of deciding how important a website is. PageRank represents a numeric value from 1 to 10, one being the lowest and ten being the highest. To the best of my knowledge, only six sites have PageRank 10. These sites are:

The White House
US Government Website
National Science Foundation
World Wide Web Consortium
Google search

 What Determines PageRank?

 If a site is linking to another site, Google counts this as a vote and the more votes there are, the more important a site is. This sounds very simple, but there are many other elements to it and the whole PageRank thing is very complicated. Let me give you an easy example: ADJ is a personal finance website. If another high-ranking website such as Get Rich Slowly links to ADJ, it will be very good for ADJ PageRank. However, if a junk website links to ADJ, it will hurt ADJ PageRank. If you are interested in finding out more about PageRank, do a Google search for PageRank and read a few sites or visit Wikipedia’s PageRank page

 Why PageRank is Important

 PageRank is the heart of Google search and is one of the most significant components that determine the order of search results. Newer sites usually have zero, meaning no PageRank. It is every webmaster’s dream to achieve a higher PageRank, thus attracting more traffic. That’s why PageRank is so important.

 If you had performed a search last week by typing “Canada personal finance” in the Google “Search” box, you would have seen ADJ after five or six pages of results. Alternatively, a search for “Canada personal finance blog” would have put ADJ on the second or third page. But now, a search for “Canada personal finance” pulls up ADJ on the second or sometimes the first page and “Canada personal finance blog” search is steadily putting ADJ on the first page.

 Only Because Of You

 ADJ is a relatively new site and going through tremendous growth. The higher PageRank and momentum in growth has only been made possible because of readers like you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank ADJ readers. Thank you for all your support and thank you for reading ADJ regularly. I know that all of this is only possible because of you and your support.

A Dawn Journal Is Going Through A Facelift

A Dawn Journal New Looks.JPG

A Dawn Journal New Looks

A. Dawn Journal is going through a complete redesign. I have been working with my designer for a few days now. We have decided on three final designs. Once I pick one from those three, my designer will start working to give A Dawn Journal a new life.

This facelift is necessary to take A Dawn Journal to the next level. Once completed, it will be more user-friendly and will let you navigate easily. And, of course, it will look more professional.

The main purpose of this facelift is YOU. I would like to give you a pleasant browsing experience. Visiting A Dawn Journal should be effortless pleasure, not a technical pain. I would like to hear from you. Once the new site is up, you can make comments right under my post. Alternately, you can send an email. I hope you will like the new design, and A Dawn Journal will be a part of your daily routine.

First Published: July 1, 2008

Saying Goodbye To MS Word And Excel

Months ago, I used Google Docs, and I thought it was pretty neat. However, I discontinued using it because it did not offer offline feature back then. Couple of days ago I tried Google Docs again and found out that it is fully equipped to work both online and offline. I like the fact that with Google Docs you can work on your documents whenever, wherever. I have had enough of Microsoft, and it is time to say goodbye to MS Word and Excel.

Google Docs is a free, hosted service where you can create and share documents such as word process, spreadsheet etc. The feature I like most is that you are not tied up to your own computer. Also, users can share and collaborate in real time. This is very useful if a group of students or a team of Internet Entrepreneurs are working on a project and would like to share and edit as they go along.

Recently, Google added limited PDF functionality to Google Docs. It can now upload, share, “copy and paste text” and “save as PDF”. Although Edit feature is not yet available, Google is expected to implement it shortly.

I have never been a fan of Microsoft Word and Excel. In this digital age, users are looking for a simple product with an emphasis on sharing ability. MS office failed to meet customer demand and ignored to address customer’s needs. Until now, I had no other choice but using MS Office. But now that there is an alternative , I am not going back to MS, and it is time to say goodbye.

First Published on: Jun 23, 2008