Vietnam - The Land Of Hidden Charm

Where To Travel In Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that offers uniquely breathtaking scenery, with mountains, rice fields, and islands surrounded by clear waters. Vietnam also has a deep history and significant cultural wealth, as well. Here, you will find that agriculture is a mainstay, and that traditional methods still exist.

When you travel to Vietnam, you will want to notice which region you are planning on visiting so that you can pack accordingly. Southern Vietnam is warm and dry during the months from March to June, then rainy from June to November. The winter months are typically cool and dry. If you are visiting during the rainy season, remember to pack both warmer and cooler clothing, since the temperature may change quickly.

The Northern section of Vietnam has traditional four seasons, with the coolest months running from December to March and the warmest months running from May until September. Monsoon season in Central Vietnam is the country’s most harsh, with cold, windy weather from September until February.

If you want to travel to Vietnam during its busiest season, then the holiday of Tet is the most important one to choose. Tet is the Vietnamese New Year, which occurs on a date that can be anytime from late January until March, with dates ranging from year to year. If you are visiting an urban area of Vietnam during Tet, you may find that there is a large amount of traffic.

For those looking for a relaxing spot on the beach, Nha Trang is the spot to visit. This small resort village is home to dozens of tourist attractions, although the beautiful clear waters of the beach are definitely the most popular. You will find that there are hotels and dining establishments for any budget, as well.

When traveling in Vietnam, you may be able to use a wide variety of international currencies, such as the US dollar, but the national currency is the Dong. The exchange rate between the dollar and is the dong is about one dollar US to eighteen thousand Vietnamese dong. You may want to consider carrying along both your own currency and the Vietnamese currency, even though both may be accepted locally.

The language in Vietnam is diverse, with Vietnamese being the official language. There are also large populations of people who speak English and Cantonese, as well. Visitors may find that signs are in both English and Vietnamese, making it simpler for English speaking tourists to find their way in large urban areas.

When traveling in Vietnam, you will inevitably want to enjoy traditional Vietnamese food. There are plenty of street vendors selling everything from spring rolls to pho, traditional dish of noodles, spices, and lime. This delicious dish is available everywhere in Vietnam. If you are lucky enough to be in a seaside town in Vietnam, then you will want to try the local seafood, which is freshly caught and prepared daily.

Vietnam is a scenic country, so take the time to enjoy the sights on a motorbike tour is the weather permits. There is plenty to see and do in any region of the country.

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How To Change Without Making A Jump Into The Unknown

Let’s Go Retro!

A lot of us tend to find life unnecessarily trying from time to time, and this is due in no small part to the repetition of it all. It is a regular complaint from people in various jobs or other situations that they find each day runs into the next, with no variety to break it all up. It feels like Groundhog Day to many of us, as we wish we could just break the cycle a little bit and do something different. Of course, just as many of us have a bad feeling about changing too radically – what if we don’t like the change, it’s too difficult to change back or it’s so costly to make the initial change that we leave ourselves out of pocket for what turns out to be no real reason?

Well, there is another way to change things, a way that doesn’t leave you high and dry from a financial point of view and which you can feel confident about enjoying. It is called “turning back the clock” by more than a few, and various other names by various people what it amounts to is doing the things you always used to enjoy, without entertaining the boring and inaccurate state of mind that says it is uncool to do such things. Think about it – you always used to enjoy something, before life got in the way and stopped you. Now that things have settled and you need something to give your days a bit of a shake-up, what better way of doing that than rediscovering something you’ve always loved?

It doesn’t much matter what it is. If the thing you always used to love doing was a physical exertion like a sport or dancing, you may find that you have got out of condition for it in the meantime. Whether this is enough to persuade you to give up on it is up to you, but you could find that the journey of getting back to where you used to be is as much fun as the feeling of actually being at that point. Maybe it is something like old-school video games. A lot of people say that video games are for kids, but most of those people have either never played one, or last played one when they themselves were kids – and things change a lot in the world of video games, sometimes very quickly.

The key point here is that there are many things which we give up before we really want to – sometimes because we genuinely have to and sometimes because we feel we must. Re-evaluating at some point along the way means that we can look at bringing these things back into our everyday lives, or as a weekly treat. It is a way of changing things up without having to make a jump into the unknown, and allowing ourselves to enjoy a pursuit that we already know how to do. As a side benefit, doing things you used to enjoy can make you feel younger, and we could all do with that from time to time.

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40 Ways To Save Money On Textbooks

Money Saving Tips For Students

First Published Date : November 26, 2008

Recently, I have noticed a lot of students are visiting ADJ. I can’t mention names from the U.S. (because there are simply too many to name), but these Canadian institutions have highest concentration visiting ADJ: University of Manitoba, University of Toronto, York University, and Seneca College. I guess ADJ’s simple language and easy-style articles are able to appeal to students. I thank you all for visiting this site and today’s article has been specially written for you, whether you are a 20-year-old or 50-year-old student.

Buying textbooks is something every student goes through in their school career. An average textbook costs about $100 and each year you will be spending nearly $1000 on books. The objective of today’s article is to show you how you can cut your textbook costs considerably by taking some simple steps. I will discuss this in two parts. In part one, I will show you what you can do to save money on textbooks. In part two, I will mention some websites that can save you money.

Save Money On Textbooks – Part 1

Borrow From Someone Else

Find someone who already completed the course and borrow their book. One thing you need to be aware of – make sure your borrowed book still applies to the course. Publishers often change editions so old books no longer do the job. That’s how they make money.

Buy Used

Buying used books is a great idea to save money but you need to find someone who is selling what you are looking to buy. You can check your school notice boards, newspaper ads, and online ads to find used books. I will be giving you some sites to find used books online in part two.

Photo Copy Those Pages You Need

Get a book from someone and copy those pages you need. Before doing this, make sure it does not violate any legal terms and conditions.

Trade books

Trade books with someone who has the books you need. This is simply giving someone the books he needs and taking from him/her the books you need.

Sell Books

Don’t forget to sell your books once you are done with them. Your friends will likely want to buy from you if you give them a good price.

Avoid Campus Bookstore

Avoid campus bookstore unless they have books on sale. Usually items are always overpriced at campus bookstores.

Group Buy

Take courses with your friends, divide the book’s cost by how many of you are taking the course and each contributes to buy the required textbook. Make agreements beforehand stating how long each of you should keep the book during the term. During the exam, do group studies so all of you can use the book. Once you complete your term, sell the book and divide the money equally.

Use the Library

It may not be always possible to obtain a copy from the library; however, make sure to check the library before buying. The library has limits on how long you can keep a book. Taking a course with friends helps to keep books within your circle – another advantage of registering for courses with friends. Also, if your library has the book on reserve, you can go there and read it.

Campus website

You can buy and sell used books on your campus website. Since you will be dealing with other students, you will find good bargains and hard-to-find books because both buyers and sellers are dealing with the same institutions.

Save Money On Textbooks – Part 2

Websites That Save You Money On Textbooks

Here is a list of websites that will save you money. Keep this list handy by saving this page on your favourite online bookmark.

Buy Textbooks Online

Check these sites to buy online. Always compare many sites before buying. You will find great bargains if you spend a little time researching different sites. – The biggest online retailer. Remember, Amazon also displays items from other merchants. Usually these items are a lot cheaper than Amazon’s own. So don’t place your order after checking Amazon’s own listings only. – You may be able to find books for less than Amazon – You may be able to find books for less than Amazon

Comparison Online Sites – Pulls new and used books prices from sites. You can compare them on one screen. – specialized in academic books. – eBay owns It is possible that you many find items here for less than Amazon. – Easy to use price comparison site. – Buy, sell, and compare textbooks. – Student’s textbook marketplace. – Find old, new, rare, and out of print books – Find old, new, rare, out of print, and international version books – Compare new and used books. International versions can be 80% to 90% cheaper than U.S. versions. – Specialized in academic books. – Buy and sell used books. – Buy and sell new and used books. Also, you can buy and sell through your Facebook profile.

Rent Textbooks Online

It is possible to rent books these days. You will be paying one third or less than book’s original price for a semester – Rent your textbooks. – Rent a book and Chegg will plant a tree.

Legally Download Textbooks Online – – Download your textbook free.

Project Gutenberg – Download free eBooks and audio books. This site was made by volunteers. They gathered materials from the public domain and put together on this site. – Get your free books from a site run by students.

Electronic Textbooks

These sites offer to share, subscribe, and print (some limitations apply) electronic textbooks or eTextbooks online. – Share, subscribe, and search notes and textbooks. You need to have MyScribe reader and it’s free. – You can save up to 50%. Buy and access eTextbook instantly. – Specialized in scientific, technological and medical books, journals, and reference works.


The Internet Public Library – Not only students but anyone can take advantage of this huge Internet Library. I highly recommend it.

Open Course Ware Consortium – 200 educational institutions from around the world are sharing digital publication of educational materials. I highly recommend it.

Bonus Tip

ADJ has lots of money saving articles. These articles are primarily located under Personal Finance or Smart Tips categories. Reading and applying these articles will save you money. Also, I’ll be writing more on this topic in the future, so keep checking back. Don’t forget to bookmark this site for later use.

Internet is opening the door to a new world of endless possibilities and opportunities. Students, educators, and anyone who wants to broaden knowledge can do so without spending bundles of money these days. Until recently, textbook publishers were able to charge ridiculous prices for textbooks because we did not have any options. However, those days are gone. Equipped with powerful information, it is possible to acquire knowledge these days without paying a fortune.

Taipei to Singapore - Eva Air Business Class | Flight Review

Toronto to Singapore via Taipei Nov 23, 2018

I talked about my Toronto to Taipei journey before. Today, I will write about the rest of my trip from Taipei to Singapore. Because I am flying the same EVA AIR business class, I will skip some of my experiences to avoid redundancies. 

Transfer Experience at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

I already had my boarding pass from Taipei to Singapore, but I still needed to go through airport security. The overall experience was pleasant. It felt like it was an expedited security procedure for transfer customers and was completed very fast.

The Star Lounge

EVA Air has 4 business class lounges at Taipei’s airport. I had the option to take either the Star Lounge or the Infinity Lounge. I chose Star this time. It has a shower facility and a variety of food.

I found some exotic Asian dishes, which I videoed. The lounge was nicely designed with a bright blue sky ceiling mural.

Inside the Business Class Cabin

This trip (TPE - SIN) was only 4 hours and 30 minutes, which was much shorter than YYZ to TPE (15H 40M). I saw lots of empty seats in business class on this segment. It was the same Boeing 777-300ER aircraft and the same configuration of my previous trip.

The Amenity Kit

There was no amenity kit or pajama set provided this time. The flight attendant offered a blanket and I took it, as it will get colder once the ship is in the air.

Food & Drinks

Food and drink selections were not as great as my previous flight. I guess this was due to the short flight. I didn’t write down the food and drink names, but you will be able to see the menus I tried in the video.

The Washroom

The washrooms were extremely clean and well-maintained like last time. However, the amenities were lacking. I didn’t find one-time toothbrush & toothpaste, mouthwash, and other female necessities like last time. But there was lotion, handwash, cologne, and face spray in containers.

Entertainment System

There were fairly recent movies and TV shows; I watched Mission Impossible Fallout. Eva Air does not provide free WiFi in business class like Turkish Airlines.

Final Thoughts

 My flight had a night mode feature on the ceiling, creating stars in the night sky. It looked really good when all the lights were out and I liked it a lot.

My overall business class flight experience with Eva Air was pleasant and satisfactory. This is my second time flying EVA AIR and I am looking forward to my future trips returning to Toronto on EVA AIR.

Dominican Republic; An Endless Summer

Where to visit in Dominican Republic

It is vacation time again and you have decided you want one with difference this time. You may have saved up your monies for so long and if there is anything you want it is value for your money. And actually if you can you are looking to experience more value for less dollar, and for this reason you have chosen to visit the Dominican Republic. If you are the usual traveler who just goes by the tide, you will spend all your time in a hotel or resort that was recommended to you by the travel agency. But that is just a tip of the iceberg, so get ready to keep a bagful of tips for you to consider in your trip.

There are many good things that happen to you when you visit the Dominican Republic because the activities are just in the plenty. Whatever you love to have in your holiday, you get it here in very pocket friendly packages. Whether you want to go for windsurfing, scuba diving, a little tan on your skin in the sandy beaches or even some little indulgence with the beautiful local women, this is a place you will want to come again and again especially if you discover the good hidden places.

Anyone who has been on vacation in Dominican Republic and never got to visit Bavaro and Punta Cana missed half of their experience. It is this beaches that are located on the South-eastern part of the republic that are the crème de la crème of the beaches in this part of the world. For the new comer or the returning visitor, ensure you have it in your itinerary, because this is a must visit. Your eyes will view miles upon miles of sandy beaches and you will just love the experience.

Words are not enough to tell what experience you will get visiting the renowned La Costa Del Coco because this is just another must if you are to experience in relaxation and joy in your Dominican visit. The long beach is dotted with coconut trees and every class of hotel or resort for everyone’s special liking. There is also the place they call Casa de Campo which you will find nestled in the south coast in an agricultural city known as La Romana. Getting to La Romana is not a problem at all because it is aptly served with an international airport that is close to all the resorts which means you get there fresh and raring to go. But just in case you begin from some other part of Dominican Republic and you want to get here, there really should be no hassle because there are adequate helicopter services that operate to La Romana.

But for the really adventurers person who loves nature, there is no better way of touring Dominican Republic and enjoy all the trappings of Mother Nature than to do a bus ride. You will get a chance of savouring the magnificent landscape and remember to carry your camera along because the pictures you will click away are simple breathtaking. While at Caso de Campo the theatre lover will be reminded to ensure they visit Altos de Chavon whose architecture is inspired by traditional Mediterranean village as well as the famous Las Minitas beach. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Dominican republic and you will surely come back again and again.

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