Taipei to Singapore - Eva Air Business Class | Flight Review

Toronto to Singapore via Taipei Nov 23, 2018

I talked about my Toronto to Taipei journey before. Today, I will write about the rest of my trip from Taipei to Singapore. Because I am flying the same EVA AIR business class, I will skip some of my experiences to avoid redundancies. 

Transfer Experience at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

I already had my boarding pass from Taipei to Singapore, but I still needed to go through airport security. The overall experience was pleasant. It felt like it was an expedited security procedure for transfer customers and was completed very fast.

The Star Lounge

EVA Air has 4 business class lounges at Taipei’s airport. I had the option to take either the Star Lounge or the Infinity Lounge. I chose Star this time. It has a shower facility and a variety of food.

I found some exotic Asian dishes, which I videoed. The lounge was nicely designed with a bright blue sky ceiling mural.

Inside the Business Class Cabin

This trip (TPE - SIN) was only 4 hours and 30 minutes, which was much shorter than YYZ to TPE (15H 40M). I saw lots of empty seats in business class on this segment. It was the same Boeing 777-300ER aircraft and the same configuration of my previous trip.

The Amenity Kit

There was no amenity kit or pajama set provided this time. The flight attendant offered a blanket and I took it, as it will get colder once the ship is in the air.

Food & Drinks

Food and drink selections were not as great as my previous flight. I guess this was due to the short flight. I didn’t write down the food and drink names, but you will be able to see the menus I tried in the video.

The Washroom

The washrooms were extremely clean and well-maintained like last time. However, the amenities were lacking. I didn’t find one-time toothbrush & toothpaste, mouthwash, and other female necessities like last time. But there was lotion, handwash, cologne, and face spray in containers.

Entertainment System

There were fairly recent movies and TV shows; I watched Mission Impossible Fallout. Eva Air does not provide free WiFi in business class like Turkish Airlines.

Final Thoughts

 My flight had a night mode feature on the ceiling, creating stars in the night sky. It looked really good when all the lights were out and I liked it a lot.

My overall business class flight experience with Eva Air was pleasant and satisfactory. This is my second time flying EVA AIR and I am looking forward to my future trips returning to Toronto on EVA AIR.