How To Come Up With Great Domain Names

Domain Name Ideas and Tips

One thing I am constantly doing and never fall short of is my relentless pursuit for great domain ideas or domain names. Today, I will share a few things on how to come up with great domain names out of thin air.

Creativity is your number one asset – if you want to be a proud owner of some world-class, high-end domain names. Whenever I don’t need to be attentive and can free up my mind, I put my mind to work questing for domain names. Most people will let their mind wander when on the subway, standing in line, or just wandering around and wasting time; however, I see these moments as an opportunity and concentrate on finding great domain names. Here are a few tips I can share with you. These tips have worked for me and if you use them, they will work for you too.

- Always keep your eye and mind open. Pay attention to details when you are watching TV, reading signboards or store names while walking, reading a newspaper, and so on. Why? Because you may bump into some words or variations of words that can be used as domain names. For example, I came up with,, and just doing what I just mentioned.

- Keep a notebook and pen handy on your table, next to your bed, in your bag, etc. This happens to me a lot – I wake up in the middle of the night with a domain name burning in my head. Because of keeping a pen and notebook handy everywhere, I am able to write down the domain idea that woke me up in the middle of night and research it later when I get a chance. I came up with domains like, and many others because I was able to write down right away.

- If you are waiting in line or riding the subway and can’t find anything to do, play around with some words and variations domain ideas. For example, one day the word “Roadmap” somehow struck my mind and I got infatuated with this word. Since then, I have been building one after another great domain names with this word “Roadmap.” Some of my Roadmap related domains are:,,, and much more.

- Use domain tools such as to help you create domains with those words you are enthusiastic about. If you enter a word in Domain Bots search and hit enter, it will give you many variations with that word and also will tell you which are available. For example, I found many domains tied with “Green” and “Travel” from my search results on Domain Bot.

- Many domain names are dropping out of someone’s portfolio because the owner forgot to renew, gave up Internet Entrepreneurship, or simply can’t afford to hold them anymore. There are many sites that list those domain names that are about to expire or have recently expired. Go through these lists and who knows, you may be able to pick up your gem from these dropped-out domains. I found domains like,, and because someone else forgot or decided not to renew these domains.

There are many other ways to come up with great domain names. I can think of the above I mentioned right now off the top of my head. If you are into domains, you will come up with your own ways. If you can’t think of something right away, never give up and keep trying. It will all come to you slowly.
First Published: Apr 18, 2010

Portable Selfie LED Ring Light for Video or Smartphone

SOGOCOOL Selfie LED USB Light Review

Today, I will do a short review of a rechargeable selfie light that you can use for your lighting needs to take pictures or video. I have a video review of this product as well, which you can watch by clicking the picture on the top left. To clarify, like my other reviews, this is not a paid review and opinions are unbiased and honest. However, Canadian visitors can buy this by visiting my Amazon link mentioned here (SOGOCOOL LED Selfie Ring Light) and I will collect a small commission if you do so.

This LED ring light is very lightweight, portable, and made of 36 white LED lights. It’s very easy to carry and would fit in a small bag or carry-on luggage. My purpose for buying this was not for selfie pictures, but for video recording for my YouTube channel.

I have done several test clips of this LED ring light (see the video) and it works best when you need a light source in complete darkness. However, if you are outdoors and need a light source for your video or pictures or even when you are in indoors and need to brighten up your face, it does not seem to make any significant difference.

However, considering the low price of the SOGOCOOL Led Ring Light, you can’t go wrong buying it. When you need a light source for video or pictures in complete or semi-darkness, it really works and your face will be clearly visible when it otherwise wouldn’t. If you watch my video review, you will see how it’s performing in the dark and it’s easy to conclude that it works.

It can easily fit on top of any smartphone, laptop edge, or camera’s LCD flip screen and will provide the light when you need it. However, don’t expect it to provide heavy bright light like on a movie shooting because that’s not what it is.

You don’t have to be a financial guru anymore to invest - INVEST NOW has been published

Invest Now: Ahmed Dawn

First Published: Mar 8, 2008

I am writing this post to let you all know that Invest Now has been published and available at all major online stores.  Invest Now delivers a convincing case for avoiding daily spending temptations and then shows you the secrets to smart investing. With as little as $25, you can become a successful investor by following three simple and practical steps.

The must-have guide for Canadian investors, Invest Now delivers three surprisingly simple steps to safeguard your financial future.

You don’t have to be a financial guru to develop a consistent savings plan and accumulate wealth. Invest Now offers all the tools and motivation you need to start building a safe and secure financial future now for you and your family. Invest Now has won prestigious Editor’s Choice and highly prestigious Publisher’s Choice award for its editorial integrity and outstanding design quality.

I will issue a pres s release shortly stating the publication of Invest Now. Invest Now is not available at bookstores yet. Invest Now will take another two to three weeks to hit Chapters shelves. I will let you know once that happens and also will issue another press release.

Tips To Make Your Home Office Successful

Home Office Tips

As an entrepreneur, you are taking your future into your own hands and making yourself successful. Of course, being successful is not as easy as one would think. There is a great amount of things that need to be done to make it happen and it begins when you start out in a home office with no employees. So, what are some tips to make yourself successful in your home office?

  1. One of the most important things to do is to separate your home office from the rest of the house. This does not mean you have to be in a shed outside the house, but it does mean that your work stays within your office at all times. You do not want your work moving into the living room, kitchen or anywhere else in the home. Keep your work space separate by keeping your work there. This will help you work more because you will feel as though you are actually going to work when you get in your home office.
  2. Establishing hours for work is very important. The great thing about working from home is that you can set your own hours. If you work better from 5 p.m. to midnight, work those hours. If you want more typical work hours, then work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Just make sure that your work hours are set and you stick with them. You can even take time for lunch and breaks so that it feels like you are working.
  3. Going into your home office in pajamas can feel good but it will give your brain trouble as it tries to figure out if you should be working or relaxing. Keep things professional in your home office by keeping the phone off, keeping from browsing the internet and dressing in a casual manner that would be good for an office.
  4. Decorate your office in any way that makes you feel comfortable. You need to be professional with your décor, but at least you can put up things to make you smile throughout the day. Also try and choose an office that has good lighting because this will help you enjoy your day more and help you feel as though you are in a happy place when you work. The happier you are the better work you will do and the more you will get done. Having a comfortable chair, soft music and nice pictures can help. Another thing that can help is having a lot of space in your office. You don’t work in a cubicle anymore, so why feel like you are at home?
  5. Set up a phone line for your business. You do not want your family answering business calls with “Hello?” You should be answering the phone with “Good morning, <company name>, How May I Help You?” This is professional and it will impress clients who call you. You also won’t have to compete with family members for the phone line, which is very important.
    First Published: Apr 11, 2010

How Expensive Are Toronto’s Fast Food, Street Food, and Restaurants?

My Last Video on Food Prices

I recently did a video on restaurant menu prices, fast food and street food prices in Toronto. You can watch this video by clicking the link on the top left of this article. What’s striking is that even after being a world-class city that ranks higher in various different global ratings, including one of the top ten cities most liveable on earth, Toronto’s food prices are still affordable and cheaper than those other most liveable cities.

In Toronto, you will find a Big Mac at McDonald’s at $5.49 Cad ($4.35 USD) and french fries at $1.49 Cad ($1.15 USD). At Subway, daily deals are $4.00 Cad ($3.19 USD) a sandwich and an Italian Hero Panini is $4.99 Cad ($4 USD).

A slightly upscale fast food chain called Hero Certified Burgers serves beef burger combo made without hormones & antibiotics for $17 Cad ($13.50 USD) that includes 2 4 oz. burgers, 2 ultimate fries and 2 drinks.

Chinese restaurants serving combos between $8 - $10 Cad ($6.35 - $8 USD), which are more than enough for one person and even 2 people can survive on it if you order another extra item a la carte.

Dining at an upscale restaurant (not super upscale) would cost $30 - $50 Cad ($24 - $40 USD) per person, which is still very cheap and reasonable. Similar dishes in another world-class city that’s on the top ten list would easily cost $80 - $100 Cad ($65 - $80 USD) per person.

The video has a variety of example items that you can watch and you can subscribe to my channel by going to my home page here:

Why We Don’t Invest?

Why You Should Invest

Our main problem is a lack of information. Most Canadians were never taught any personal-finance lessons in school and in university. Also, we have this idea that in order to invest, we need a lot of money, a PhD, and status as an investment guru. Invest Now shows you how you can start investing with very little money—and even less expertise. Investing can be as simple as walking into a bank or picking up your phone.

First Published: Mar 27, 2008

Award-winning book Invest Now is jam-packed with timely information and timeless advice for the beginning Canadian investor. To purchase a copy, visit Chapters Indigo or buy online - Invest Now: A Canadian's Guide to Investing

What to Do When Hackers Hack Your Websites

Tips to Deal with Blog or Website Ad Codes from Hacking

Recently, I had my first incidence of one of my sites being hacked by online intruder. Nothing can beat the learning that comes from experience – that’s why I have decided to share my experience with you today. Also, I will describe a few steps you all should consider to better tackle this type of situation.

About two weeks ago, I opened one of my sites in my browser and found out that the top widgets on the right column had disappeared. Also, the whole site looked disheveled - it was like someone had played around and tampered with the site’s programming codes.

My programmer was able to fix everything in time. But then, he gave me a valuable tip which I have never thought of. He mentioned that hackers usually hack sites to implement their own ad codes. So instead of the site owner, these high-tech thieves make money. If you are an Internet entrepreneur, you know that all ad codes such as Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, etc. run on your site because of a few line ad scripts or html codes. The only thing makes these codes identifiable for the individual is a numeric value such as 54890245 or something like it. Now, if someone hacked your site and implemented their own codes replacing yours – it’s almost impossible to know by looking at it. We usually never check and match these numeric values assigned to each individual.

So, hacking your codes could go unnoticed for many months until one day you think: wait a minute, how come I have never made money in the past 2 months? What precautions should you take if your site gets hacked or even if it did not get hacked but you just want to be safe?
Follow these simple tips:

- Always backup your site
- If your site gets hacked, change your password ASAP
- Go through all ad codes to make sure they are indeed your codes, install fresh codes if necessary
- Always keep an eye on your revenue. If you see a sharp drop in income or no income at all, it means your site  
  has been compromised.
- It is a good idea to change your password periodically. 
- Do not use the same password for your ad accounts, email, and other programs. If hackers get thru your site,
  they will have access to everything
- Do not make your password too easy to guess
- Your programmer, editor, virtual assistant … should be someone you can trust. For example, I have been with
  my team of experts for a few years now and I trust them all, as they are very trust worthy.
- Always take precautions and be vigilant. Use your common sense and let it be your guideline.
First Published: Apr 3, 2010


Banks Are Charging Ridiculous NSF Fees

Bank Has No Limits for Fees

Just received a Notice of Changes flyer in my mailbox from TD Bank. The flyer is full of as usual information. That is, fees are going up on some services. One fee increase made my eyes pop out in wonder.

New NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) fee will be $42.50 starting May 1, 2008. Paying $42.50 NSF fee is way too much and absolutely ridiculous. We all know that banks are only interested in making money, and they don’t care about their customers. Average bank clients are not valued or respected by these banks. We tend to be loyal to our banks, and they are taking advantage of this. Most of us do not research and shop for a better bank. What you can do to get a better deal and treated as a valued customer by your bank? Follow these simple tips below:

  • Banks basically measure your value by looking at your bank balance. If you have accounts with many banks, you may want to think about consolidate them into one account in one bank. This will give you more money in one bank and hence more value.
  • Have an overdraft protection attached to your bank account. An overdraft protection will protect you from NSF situation because this feature will pay extra money if your account falls short. There is a charge involved with this option but it’s not as ridiculous as NSF fee.
  • A decent overdraft protection fee should be somewhere around $5. You should pay this only when you use it. If your bank charges monthly recurring fees to have this option, change your bank. A good example is President Choice Financial. Their overdraft protection fee is $4.95, and you pay only when you use it. You will also be paying an interest charge on overdraft balances but still it’s a lot better than paying $42.50.
  • And last but not least - never write a cheque if you don't have money in your account (I know you all know this).
    First Published: Mar 16, 2008

Entrepreneurs Just Need An Idea To Become Successful

Let your sharp mind see new income making opportunities

More than ever before we live in a generation that has so many opportunities of making money just staring at all of us, yet very few people gat to discover them at all. The reason could be that most of the time they come disguised as just some little extra work. With the economic crunch that has come upon the whole world, the issue may not necessarily be making extra income, for most people it is making any income at all. With the fluid job marker no one is safe any longer. Just thinking a little out of the box is that makes up the entrepreneurial spirit that will survive our times.

The difficulty that many people will have is thinking that everything that could be dome for money has already been discovered and nothing new can be coming along. Just a little scratching of your head will lead anyone to seeing needs of people that are usually disguised as complaints, and if you can discover a way of solving that then you are going to be paid for it, and isn’t that what business really is all about? Ideas and fresh ideas are what you need and lack of money will not be an issue at all for you.

And of course like we have said there is no shortage of fresh ideas out there. The idea you ignore today becomes what makes someone else a millionaire tomorrow. Who, for example, thought the current list of young internet millionaires would reap millions by just harnessing the power of the internet? You can try anything from garage sales and it will simply surprise you the things that people will be willing to buy from you. And you do not need to look for an office outside your home. Did you take advantage of online auctions such as eBay and sell stuff out there and just make money?

If you lack money today it would simply be because you have not trained your mind to see opportunities and take advantage of them. Take something like clutter management for example, do you know anyone who occupies a house or office that could do with just a little rearrangement o make life more comfortable? Then there you are with a business known as clutter management. You do not know the number of people who are willing to pay anyone who can help them arrange their homes and offices so that they know where to get any stuff they require.

And still at the home front you may want to consider the niche of healthy foods that have become the fad today. There many busy folk who know they need to eat healthy and they do not know where and how. Several people have turned their little kitchen skills into a money minting idea simply preparing and delivering whole meals to some lazy fold out there who have a phobia for their kitchens, or simply do not know what to do to turn their ideas into healthy meals. It is simply time to transform your ideas into money before someone else beats you at the game.
First Published: Dec 4, 2009


Meridian Visa Infinite Travel Rewards Card: Should You Keep It?

Meridian Visa Infinite Travel Rewards Card Review

The Meridian Visa Infinite Travel Rewards Card is a travel rewards credit card that lets you earn rewards points for everyday purchases that can be used for travel, merchandise, gift cards, or special events.

The Cost

Annual Fee = $99 (First year free). Additional cards = $30

Minimum annual income required = $60,000 (personal) or $100,000 (household)

Rewards Points Snapshot

– Earn 1.5 points for every $1 spent in all credit card purchases

- Earn 3 points for every $1 spent in foreign currencies

– No caps, no tiers, no restrictions

First Time Bonus


Anniversary Bonus


Features & Benefits

– Complimentary 24/7 Visa Infinite Concierge.

– Emergency Medical Insurance (48 days<59, 23 days=60–64, 15 days=65-75, None>76, Amount: 5 M/per person).

– Travel Accident Insurance (up to $1,000,000 CAD, No age limit).

– Auto Rental Theft and Collision/Loss Damage Insurance (Up to 48 days)

– Trip Cancellation Insurance ($2,000 each).

– Trip Interruption Insurance (Unlimited).

– Flight Delay Insurance (Not clear – No mention of after how many hours, Looks like $2,000, but please call Meridian to confirm).

– Lost and Delayed Luggage (Not clear - No mention of after how many hours, Looks like $500-$1,000, but please call Meridian to confirm).

– Extended Warranty Insurance (1 additional year, $50,000 lifetime limit).

– Purchase Security (90 days, $50,000 lifetime limit).

– Price Protection Insurance (60 days, $100 per item, $500 per year limit)

– Mobile Device Insurance (Up to $1,000)

What’s Missing

– Hotel/Motel Burglary Insurance

Meridian Visa Infinite Travel Rewards Card - My Take

The Meridian Visa Infinite Travel Rewards Card is a new entrant on the Canadian credit card market. The rewards points earning rate is not that great because it generates only 1.5 percent return on everyday purchases. However, the 3 percent return on foreign purchases would offset the 2.5 percent foreign transaction fees and there will still be a half percent return. Most Canadian cards charge foreign transaction fees. If you want to know which cards do not charge foreign fees, watch my video on that.

The interesting twist this card has is its insurance. It offers rich travel insurance for a $99 annual fee. Also, the Emergency Medical Insurance offers longer coverage than most other Canadian travel credit cards (and a higher amount, up to $5 million) for up to 75 years old.

If you pay careful attention to insurance providers, there are two providers working together here. For travel related insurances such as emergency medical, trip interruption, trip cancellation, baggage delay, etc., the provider is Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company. For other segments of insurance such as auto rental, mobile device, purchase + price protection, extended warranty, etc., the provider is American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida (ABIC).

Whichever travel credit cards you use (such as Scotia Gold Amex, Capital One Aspire Travel World Elite MasterCard, and many other Canadian cards), travel insurances are provided by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida. I would stay away from these, as there are numerous complaints and bad reviews online about these providers when it actually comes to processing claims. So, for the travel insurance elements, the provider is Desjardins and not ABIC, which is a good thing.

Now, it all comes up to your decision making if you are comfortable trusting Desjardins as your insurance provider. Of course, I am assuming they are better than ABIC, but I am not too familiar with Desjardins when it comes to processing claims. You don’t want to take chances paying out of pocket for, let’s say, a $500,000 bill should you require an airlift from a foreign country to Canada and your provider is finding causes to decline your claims.

To wrap it up, Meridian Visa Infinite Travel Rewards Card should not be your primary card to maximize rewards/points earning (except foreign transactions). But it can be a good card for travel insurances if you are fine with Desjardins being the travel insurance provider. Always do your research and make an educated decision.

As of this writing, I do not hold this card.