8 Free Lounge Passes from BMO World Elite MasterCard

8 Free Lounge Passes This Year

The BMO World Elite MasterCard is changing their lounge access program from Priority Pass to LoungeKey. I wrote about this here a few days ago: BMO  World Elite Switching Lounge Program. Today, I will provide you with further details on how you have 8 free lounge passes this year.

The lounge program change takes place on August 8, 2018. Until then, you will have 4 free passes from Priority Pass, which are given each year. Once the switch takes place, meaning after August 4, 2018, BMO will throw in another 4 free lounge passes for the rest of the months until December 31, 2018.

What it means that you will get these 4 extra free lounge passes from LoungeKey in addition to the free lounge passes you had from Priority Pass from Jan 1 to Aug 8. It is recommended you finish using up Priority Pass passes before August 8 because the Priority Pass program (through BMO WE MasterCard) will no longer be valid after Aug 8.

And then finish using up the other 4 LoungeKey passes by December 31. Because the LoungeKey program will reset on Jan 1 with 4 new free passes and each subsequent year, there will be 4 free passes from LoungeKey.

If you are doing a lot of traveling this year, these 8 passes will come in handy. For myself, most of these passes will be wasted because my trip to Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore starts in late November and I will get free lounge access from my business class tickets.

BMO definitely deserves credit for giving 4 extra passes, as they had the option to not provide any free LoungeKey passes for the rest of 2018.

Watch my video on this here:  BMO World Elite MasterCard Gives 8 Free Lounge Passes This Year  and subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I bring you travel and credit card videos to enhance your travel experiences.

5 Low-Cost Start-Up Business Ideas

Starting A Business on A Budget

First Published: Feb 19, 2012 EntrepreneurJourney.com

Starting a new business is always a good thing. However, it may not be realistic for everyone to start a full-phase business due to lack of money and paperwork requirements. But it does not mean you need to give up. Here are 5 low-cost, no hassle business ideas that should motivate you enough to start your new venture, or to look for other similar ideas to get going with your first business.


Tutoring is almost free to start, and with the least possible paper work. Do not associate tutoring with only teaching kids. You can teach any skills you possess to anyone, young or old. Some possibilities include teaching English, math, physics, computers, music, and so on. If you do not possess the skill to teach something you love, you can learn it first and then start teaching that to others.


If you have a passion for food and love to cook, catering may be the answer for you. You need to have a license and there may be other requirements to operate a catering business. Please contact your city or municipal authorities to find out more. If you can provide good food at reasonable prices, your catering business can grow very fast. However, because you are dealing with food preparation, food safety rules and regulations have to be maintained at all times.

Accounting and Tax Services

If you are an accountant or tax specialist, you can start your accounting and tax services from your home office. Your target customers will be small businesses and individuals requiring tax preparation, financial planning, bookkeeping, and so on.

Child Care

This may not be for everyone, but if you love working with kids this may be for you. You may need to have a license, depending on where you live. Check with your local authorities what the requirements are before starting a child care service. Very good money can be made providing child care services. You can offer your services to cater to different types of needs such as on the weekend only, daytime hours only, or evenings only.


With a very low start-up cost, e-commerce can have no boundaries in terms of what types of Internet business you can run from home. It is possible to setup an international business from home with an eBay account and a PayPal account.

World Water Crisis

Global Water Crisis

Leading US legal scholar Robert Glennon is currently touring to promote his latest book, a factual study which is being taken so seriously that he is getting air time on some of the highest-rating shows in America – including Jon Stewart’s Daily Show which has had such guests in the last year as the then Senator Barack Obama, the former President Bill Clinton and father of the US political chat show Larry King. Robert Glennon’s issue is linked to one hugely important part of everyone’s life – water. Quite simply, the message goes, America is wasting water. And it’s not just America, either. There are water crises in Asia, parts of Europe and in Africa too. The very real danger is that if people living in countries with what should be a plentiful supply of water don’t stop wasting what they have, then our future could be looking dangerously dry.

Robert Glennon’s book, Unquenchable, is the story of how America is wasting water in ways which are in some cases breathtakingly wasteful and in others seemingly well-intentioned. Witness how the energy lobby in Washington are pushing for the greater use of biofuels, and then consider that to make one gallon of biofuel is said to cost thousands of gallons of water. According to Robert Glennon, America simply does not have that kind of water to give away. It may seem like America, Europe and other areas with a similarly rainy climate are at little risk from drought, but if the current reckless overuse of water continues there could be some damage done that will not be undone in a hurry. We may well find that scarcity will lead to some extremely negative repercussions.

In Africa and parts of sub continental Asia we have seen the results of major drought, as crops wither and die leading to serious famine. The water crisis we are currently seeing – albeit in a very limited way – has the potential to change the face of the world as we know it for the worse, and it is not just Robert Glennon who believes this. It needs to be taken into account now that without government attention and innovative thinking in countries where ready alternatives exist, we will be looking not at a potential crisis, but some years down the line at a financial crisis in some parts of the world and a humanitarian one elsewhere.

It is all the more telling that as America faces up to a real crisis, one nation in a position of relative strength right now is its neighbour to the north, Canada. Currently sitting on around 10% of the world’s water, Canada will feature very prominently in discussions the longer this situation perpetuates itself. It is to be hoped that things will not get so far that Canada is required to help out with America’s water crisis – but with the crises developing elsewhere it must be recognised that the old adage “water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink” has never been more appropriate.

To streamline and minimize blog maintenance, I will be discontinuing maintaining the Thegreenlivingblog.com website (however, I will still hold the domain). I will gradually move all articles from this site to A Dawn Journal. This article originally published on the above website on July 18, 2009.

World's Riskiest Cities for Property Bubble

USB Releases Global Property Index

First Published: ADawnJournal.com Published Date : November 30, 2015

The UBS just launched its Global Real Estate Bubble Index that tracks the risk of property bubbles across the globe by analyzing various metrics. The risk of a property bubbles has increased dramatically for global cities, according to the USB report.

Here are the top ten cities on the list facing bubble risk:

– London

– Hong Kong

– Sydney

– Vancouver

– San Francisco

– Amsterdam

– Geneva

– Zurich

– Paris

– Frankfurt

Some highlights from the report:

– London is the most vulnerable city to have a property bubble.

– Sydney is the world’s most overvalued city.

– US city San Francisco is overvalued, but New York and Boston are fairly valued, and Chicago is undervalued.

– Vancouver prices in 2015 are 25% higher than they were in 2006.

– Sydney prices in 2015 are 30% higher than they were in 2012.

– Amsterdam is the second-most susceptible city on the continent.

– Hong Kong, the second riskiest city after London, has been in bubble risk since 2011.

– In Hong Kong, a worker would need to work 14 years to buy a 60 sq meter apartment.

Brim World Elite Increases Annual Fee Even Before Issuing Credit Cards

Brim World Elite MasterCard Annual Fee Goes Up

Brim credit cards created heavy buzz and brought a breath of fresh air on the Canadian credit card market because of its unheard of features such as no foreign transaction fee, Lounge Key membership, Boingo global Wi-Fi access, plus much more in Canada.

However, the anticipation and love are gone because Brim World Elite MasterCard has increased its annual fee from $120 to $199 even before reaching its customers.

There is no justification to pay $199 when you can pay $140 (Scotia Passport Visa Infinite) or $150 (BMO World Elite MasterCard) and get a lot more.

For example, Brim WE MasterCard provides only LoungeKey lounge membership, not free passes. The 2 other competitors’ credit cards provide 6 and 4 free lounge passes. Their insurance benefits are comparable or even better then Brim’s WE MasterCard. Scotia Passport Visa Infinite also provides zero foreign currency transaction fees.

The only thing the Scotia and BMO credit cards (those mentioned above) are missing is the Boingo global Wi-Fi access. However, that does not justify the higher annual fee. You can get the same Boingo global Wi-Fi access by just having the free version of Brim credit card.

I called up Brim to hear their version of the story behind the annual fee increase. The rep was friendly but failed to provide strong reasons justifying the increase. You can listen in the conversation here in the video:

What's the Justification Behind Skyrocketing Annual Fee

I don’t see any point in keeping my Brim WE MasterCard beyond its first year. I will switch to the regular free version and still will have access to free Boingo global Wi-Fi. For free lounge access, I am happy with my Scotia Passport Visa Infinite and BMO World Elite MasterCard. Also, Scotia Passport offers no zero foreign transaction fee as well.