The Importance of Time Management in Personal Development

Time Management and Personal Development

One of the biggest reasons that people do not achieve anything in their lives is because they get lazy. Another big reason is that people say they simply do not have the time. A person will say they would love to learn a new language, but they just do not have the time to do it. This is incorrect and a cheap way out. It is a way for people to keep from bettering themselves because it is a good excuse. In fact, you do have the time because it comes down to time management. In order to practice good time management, you need to do the following:

  1. Make a list of the things you do in a day that are done every day. This can include making meals, getting ready for work, going to work, being at work and spending time with the family. Add all this up and determine how many hours that is.

  2. Add in eight hours sleep and then subtract the total from 24 hours.

  3. See how many hours you have at this point. Those are hours you can use for personal development

So, if you spend eight hours at work, one hour going to work, one hour getting read, one hour preparing meals and three hours with the family, you get the following amount of hours: 14. Add in eight hours and that comes to 20 hours, which leaves you four hours every day that you can use to better yourself. Four hours multiplied by 365 days means that in one year, if you keep to a schedule, you have the potential to use 1,460 hours to better yourself, that comes to a whopping 60 full hours per year. That is a huge amount of time you can use to change who you are and to better yourself. Granted you will not use all that time for personal development. Movies, walks, sports will all take time out of that but even cutting that in half you get one full month of time to better yourself. That is a month you can use to lose weight, learn a language and more and all it takes is scheduling your time properly. Should you sit on the couch and watch television instead? Sure that is okay, as long as it fits into your time management scheme, however don’t let it become a habit or your decision to better yourself will fail to the background.

You need to make yourself a time budget when you are trying to better yourself personally. This will tell you how much time you can spend on something and you cannot go over budget. You got five hours of television a week? Well, use them wisely. You can’t go over with a financial budget, and you cannot go over with a time budget. That is what bettering yourself comes down to, having discipline to make the commitment to change who you are and what you are.

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Career Success Without A Real Job

Success Without A Real Job – ADJ Book Review

First Published: August 19, 2009

What Is This Book About?

Ernie sent me this book a while ago, and I have been reading it during lunch two times a week for the last two months. I have only so many hours a day and working a corporate job and being an Internet entrepreneur at the same time makes it hard to have time for anything else. Career Success Without A Real Job talks about exactly what I am trying to achieve – to live a free life doing something I love and something I’m passionate about.

Difficulties I Have Reading Zelinski’s Book

Whenever I read Zelinski’s books, I get the feeling that he believes exactly what I believe in and we share the same perspectives on virtually anything you can possibly imagine – such as living with fewer possessions and living on your own terms. It is very hard to read and even review a book if it feels like you are the one who wrote or should have written this book – how can possibly you review your own book? I talked about this more in another post.

Real Job and Unreal Job

Ernie talks about real jobs in this book. A real job is working in a corporation or for someone else with no freedom and flexibility. An unreal job is something you truly enjoy with a lot of flexibility and freedom. Also, the author talks about unconventional business. An unconventional business is a business that does not require any employees, with minimal to no presence on your part, and very low start-up cost. I can’t think of a better example than my Internet entrepreneurship.

An Inspirational Book

Career Success Without A Real Job is mainly an inspirational book – it does not lead you to a specific roadmap for choosing your unreal job. However, it gives you enough information and resources to help you explore your best possible unreal job. The author provides many questionnaires throughout the book to help you recognize your career strengths, steps to create a dream career, questions to help you find your life’s calling, questions to test if you can be self-employed, characteristics to recognize an ideal business and much more. Also, in this book, the author provides lists mentioning 100 of the world’s coolest unreal jobs, top excuses to stay in the corporate world, advantages and disadvantages of being self-employed, lists showing why the corporate world isn’t all that as it seems, ways to sell information, and many more useful lists.

The Work Model for People Too Prosperous to Do Mornings

The above is the title of Chapter 7 that is dedicated to Internet entrepreneurship. It is no wonder that I read the above chapter before reading anything else. The author was able to give a good summary of what kind of things you can do online and what to expect. One misconception we have is that you can be rich doing Internet business overnight – and the author points out these and other misconceptions we have about Internet entrepreneurship. Chapter 7 is a very resourceful chapter and I suggest you read this chapter with the utmost attention. Here are some lists the author mentions in this chapter:

– Examples of Profitable Internet Business
– Top-Ten Ways to Make Money on the Internet
– Ten Questions to Help You Find Your Internet Niches
– Seven Main Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

Some Important Highlights from Career Success Without A Real Job

Here are some highlights I must mention before I finish writing this review:

– Success as an entrepreneur takes time. Don’t expect to things to happen overnight.
– Achieving Career Success Without A Real Job is like climbing a mountain. There will
be risks, disappointments, and adventure.
– Ordinary individuals were able to achieve extraordinary success – and so can you.
– It’s never too late to pursue your dream career.
– The strongest single virtue for attaining success is self esteem – believing in yourself. – Believe in you, your dreams, your talent, and that it is possible for you to reach your
dreams. You will succeed.
– Don’t be afraid to spend money on your self-development and the stuff you need
along the way to reach your goals.
– Creativity is your best asset. Explore it, culture it, use it, and grow rich.
– Try to live with fewer possessions. Material possessions are an obstacle to set your
soul free and live a happy, unreal life.

My Take

This is a must-read book for everyone – even if you love your current corporate job and have no plans to quit for an unreal job. Who knows, maybe you will look at life from a different perspective after reading Career Success Without A Real Job.

How to Better yourself

Do Not Be Lazy When Bettering Yourself

Betting yourself is not easy work. The process of changing who you are is not a quick-fix; it is something that must be done over time. You cannot do this overnight, but you have to take time and follow a long personal journey. It takes time, it takes effort and it is not something you can do if you are not driven to do so. Changing yourself involves a lot of work, and you cannot be lazy. If you are lazy when you try to better who you are, you will not better who you are. You may think that you are bettering yourself, but you are not. You are just changing your perception of who you are, but not actually changing who you are. Being driven is an integral part of bettering yourself, and you cannot be lazy with it.

Here are some ways that you can do to ensure you stay driven with bettering yourself.

1. Don’t push yourself too hard. If you are trying to lose weight and you decide to go to the gym every day, you are going to push yourself to hard. This will result in you becoming lazy because you won’t want to do it anymore. A better solution is to go to the gym three days a week. That way you will be able to lose weight, while not pushing yourself too hard.

2. Make good goals for yourself. When you have goals, you have guideposts that you can achieve. The thrill you get from achieving a goal will ensure that you do not become too lazy with bettering yourself. The only thing here is you do not want to make goals that are unrealistic; otherwise you will get lazy and not achieve them.

3. Be accountable to others. If you are accountable to others, and if you have told people what your goals are, they will keep you from failing. They will ensure that you are going to achieve them and that in itself will keep you from becoming lazy. We all want to show others that we will be able to achieve something that we say we will achieve. When people think that you are going to fail, you want to prove them wrong. If they are watching you, you will make sure that you achieve what you said you will and that will keep you from becoming lazy.

Being lazy when you are trying to better yourself is the worst thing you can do for yourself. You will decide it is too hard to better yourself and you will not want to get up in the morning and meet your goals. The minute you become lazy with personal development, you have failed in your tasks. Laziness is one of the biggest killers in the world. Laziness keeps people on the couch, away from exercise, it keeps people from achieving things and it leads to many diseases. You do not want to have yourself fail because you were lazy, that is embarrassing.

To streamline and minimize blog maintenance, I will be discontinuing maintaining the website (however, I will still hold the domain). I will gradually move all articles from this site to Ahmed Dawn Dot Com. This article originally published on the above website on May 8, 2011

Amazon Canada Rewards MasterCard Fails to Attract Customers

Amazon Canada Rewards Credit Card Review

If you find this review or any other review on or different than 99% of other sites online, you got that right. The reason being, those other sites are working for the credit card companies, selling credit cards, and making money off you by providing affiliated links and dishonest, sugarcoated information.

My reviews are non-affiliated, unbiased and honest and I do not accept money or work for credit companies.

Amazon Canada recently launched a credit card issued by MBNA TD bank. There were lots of expectations, but this card failed to meet them. If you remember the old Amazon Chase Canada Visa Credit Card that was discontinued in early 2018, it was everyone’s favourite because of its zero foreign transaction fee feature.

The new Amazon Canada Rewards MasterCard offers 2 different rewards structures. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you get:

- 2.5% return on Amazon online and physical stores, such as Whole Food Markets, and 2.5% on foreign transactions.

- 1.5% return on everything else.

If you are a non-Prime member, you get:

- 1.5% return on Amazon online and physical stores and

- 1% return on everything else.

There are some other benefits, such as 90-day purchase assurance coverage, extended warranty, and trip interruption coverage.

It does not have any annual fee, points caps or expiration for points earned. Every 2,000 points earned will automatically give you a credit on your Amazon account for a $20 gift card.

As you can see, the Amazon Canada Rewards Credit Card is a mediocre credit card that offers no value and there is no keep to make this card your daily card for any reason.

You can easily get a 4-5% return on Amazon purchases by purchasing gift cards (and using it on Amazon) from grocery stores with one of those cards that offer 4-5% return on groceries.

Although the Amazon Canada Rewards Credit gives 2.5% return on foreign transactions to offset foreign transaction fees for Prime Members, you will end up earning no additional returns on them. There are other credit cards that offer zero foreign transaction fee plus some returns. You can find these cards on my channel in the credit card section. 

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this card to anyone, even if you are an Amazon Prime Member. Your best option to earn a higher rate on Amazon purchases would be to use a high-earning 4% to 5% card to buy Amazon gift cards from grocery stores and use them on Amazon.

You can watch my video on Amazon Canada Rewards Credit by visiting the link.

Inside The Waitomo Glowworm Caves | New Zealand Travel

New Zealand Travel Blog: Part 9

Once I reached the waiting area before the entrance to the Glowworm caves in Waitomo, I lined up and waited with my group to enter the caves. There was a slight delay because the group before us had to finish before we entered.

The tour guides, all of them, looked like students but they all knew their stuff and were very well organised. After waiting about 20 minutes, it was our turn to enter the caves. What made me unhappy was that no sort of photo or video was allowed inside the caves. Not even without flash or with a video camera. They were selling their own high-priced photos inside, which I decided to not take advantage of.

The caves were cold and dark. There were lights to see the whole place and it was divided into sections. The ceilings were wet and the walls had water or moisture dripping. The limestone pillars and columns were wet too and their weird straight, bent, or twisted shapes felt like miracles of nature.

It felt unreal to see something that nature created in 30 million years, but could be broken by humans in seconds. And in many parts in the world, sites like these are not well preserved and humans are always destroying them.

To see the glowing of the caves, all lights had to be turned off and then another miracle unfolded. It felt like thousands of tiny lamps placed inside these rocks making them glow. The luminescent light these worms radiate is really fascinating.

We moved further underground where there was a jetty-like platform and there were cables and boats to ride and watch the glow from an even closer angle. While riding the boat on the underground Waitomo River, it felt like I was looking at a sky of living lights created by these tiny glowworms.

Tour guides used cables to hold and push the boat forward very slowly. The boat ride was not too long, but the experience was full of excitement and it felt like everyone forgot to breathe while trying to grasp the beauty of nature.

Once we made it to the meeting point outside, we went back to our tour bus. There was still about 15 minutes before the bus left for Auckland, so I took this opportunity to shoot some videos and pictures in front of the reception area.

This was the last item on the itinerary for that day. I will be heading back to Auckland from here, which will be approximately 2.5 to 3 hours on the tour coach.

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