A Dawn Books Website Ends

ADawnBooks.com Discontinues

Hello everyone. Today I am going to show you my website ADawnBooks.com, which features all my books before taking it down. In the past, I have had 5 to 7 websites powered by WordPress for which I would write and maintain on a regular basis. However, this was taking lot of time and resources. Besides, I had to always chase after my programmer to fix things here and there, which became a nuisance.

To simplify my life and everything, I decided to keep one active website: ahmeddawn.com. As I am more concentrating on YouTube, this makes perfect sense and I don’t need to spend time worrying about maintaining all these websites and chasing after my programmer.

I still hold 35-40 domains, but they are parked domains and I don’t need to maintain them. I will have more videos on the Internet and websites in the future. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe and like.

The End of Canada’s Personal Financial Website

From Internet Dummy to Internet Guru

www.adawn.net Is Merging Into www.canadapersonalfinancewebsite.com

When I started Mind Over Matters – Canada’s Personal Finance Website in 2006, I had no idea about how to run and maintain a website. I did not know anything about the things which you need to marry and live with on a daily basis if you run a blog or a website, such as:


Web Hosting

Domain Forwarding

RSS Feed

Feed Aggregators

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get, pronounced wiziwig)



Traffic Stats

Affiliate Programs

Contextual Advertising

This is just a few worth mentioning, not a complete list. I’m not saying that you need to have in-depth knowledge of all these subjects, but you need to have a basic idea of how they work and how to apply them to your website.

So much has changed since 2006. I have absorbed a lot of material in the last two years and I’m easily able to maintain a site these days. When I started A Dawn Journal about a year ago, my goal was to provide my readers with interactive, quality writing and useful information covering all aspects of life. A Dawn Journal was able to attract more traffic than Adawn.net within the first two months of its launch and since then it has been keeping me busy day and night, along with my 9–5 job.

I Can’t Keep Up Anymore

Now I have reached a moment where I am not able to keep updating both of my sites on a regular basis. I have not updated anything on Adawn.net for over six months and I have come to the decision that in order to serve you better through A Dawn Journal, it will be in ADJ readers best interest to close Adawn.net and concentrate on Adawnjournal.com. Adawn.net and Adawnjournal.com have similar types of articles and I will be moving all Adawn.net articles to Adawnjournal.com.

An Emotional Decision

The decision to shut down Adawn.net is not an easy one for me. Adawnjournal.com exists today because of Adawn.net and Invest Now became a published book because of Adawn.net. The idea to publish a book struck me one day while I was writing for Adawn.net and after two years of hard of hard work it became a reality.

What Does the Future Hold?

The whole process to close down Adawn.net will take about 3-4 months. Once it’s down, it will make my life a little easier and I will be able to concentrate on ADJ even better than before. Down the road, when I quit my regular job and start living a full dot-com life, maybe I will launch Adawn.net again or even come up with other sites–only time will tell.

Enjoying Serving You

ADJ has an increased level of traffic and it’s going up daily. I enjoy writing for you and your love and encouragement are what keeps me motivated and keeps me going. The main reason I decided to keep ADJ and shut down Adawn.net is because ADJ is a blog site and blogs connect authors with readers on a personal level; blogs build lasting relationships that regular sites can’t. When I see my readers making comments on ADJ and sending me email saying how helpful an article was or how they like and appreciate what I am doing, it means a lot to me—that’s the essence of this blog.

Last Word

Let me say something very important I leaned in the past couple of years:

You can learn anything you want; you only need the willingness to learn. Take me, for example; I transformed myself from internet dummy to internet guru–only because I wanted to learn. I did not have anyone to teach me; I gathered everything I needed online by doing online searches.

Be consistent. Be consistent pursuing your goals and never give up. There were moments when I felt like giving up. There were moments when my negative inner-sense almost took over my positive inner-sense. But instead of giving up, I consistently pursued my goals and that’s why ADJ is still alive today.

Finally, I would like to end today’s post by saying thanks to all my readers and sticking with ADJ for this long. I hope this lasting relationship will continue for years to come.

Update (Feb 9, 2009) :

Since this post went online, I stated getting emails from readers asking not to end Canada’s Personal Finance Website and not to get rid of www.adawn.net domain. I never thought this post would generate so much traffic and become the most popular post of all time. I would like to thank you all for your love and support. Based on your feedback and after careful reconsideration, I have started a new experimental site Canada Personal Finance Website. The purpose of this new site is to experiment what kind of traffic it gets and how long it takes for this site to get on Google Search Results first page. So far, it seems to be doing very well. Unlike my original Canada’s Personal Finance Website (which was not a WordPress blog), this  new Canada Personal Finance Website uses WordPress as its blogging platform. WWW.ADAWN.NET domain is kept alive and being forwarded to WWW.CANADAPERSONALFINANCEWEBSITE.COM. Without my reasers’ support, all these would not have been possible. I thank all of you again and I will keep you updated on any new issues on www.adawnjournal.com.

Scotia To Sun life, "Here Is $2.3 Billion In Cash, Give Me CI."

Scotia Financial & CI Financial

First Published: October 7, 2008 ADawnJournal.com

On Monday morning, investors around globe woke up with a little surprise. The news broke out confirming Sun Life Financial Inc. has agreed to sell its 37% stake in CI Financial Income Fund to Bank of Nova Scotia for $2.3 Billion in  cash. Sun Life first bought 30% of CI in July 2002.

CI is Canada’s number three fund company by assets under management. CI is well known for its wide selection of funds, top-rated portfolio and fund managers, expertise in international funds, and  for creating innovative products. CI Pacific is one of the first Asian funds in Canada, CI was the first company to offer tax efficient corporate class funds, CI was the first fund company to pioneer and launch segregated  funds.

This deal puts Sun life on fire by increasing its capital. Sun Life is seeking growth opportunities within the global financial markets. Recent global financial meltdown has created opportunities to buy companies at incredibly lower prices than anyone can ever imagine. Sun Life does not want to miss out on this.

This deal open up endless possibilities for CI. CI now will be able to use Scotia’s strong distribution channels. There should be increased economies of scale and possibly lower MER for shareholders.

One thing is not clear about this deal – what happens to the special relationship existed between CI and Sun Life? CI has an ongoing distribution agreement with CI. Once Sun Life is no longer the big brother, will there be any motivation for Sun Life to act as a big brother?

This Is Where Gandhi Stayed His Last 144 Days

Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum

Gandhi Smriti (used to be Birla House) or Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum is where Mahatma Gandhi spent the last 144 days of his life and was assassinated on 30 January 1948.

Gandhi, a noble man who was the epitome of piety, goodness and unselfishness, and who professed peace and non-violence, was shot dead after he had said his prayers.

There are footsteps that show the path on which Gandhi last walked from his residence to the garden. This is where this symbol of peace and non-violence was murdered.

If you are in New Delhi, visiting Gandhi Museum should be a must. But for now, you can watch my video of the Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum. During my India trip, I made several videos of historic sites such as the Taj Mahal, India Gate, Gandhi Museum, and much more. All these videos from my India travels can be found here:

India Travel Vlog | Destination New Delhi & Agra

Arctic Vacation; Do Something Different

Arctic Travel

While the idea of a holiday for most people is to pack their shorts and swimming costumes, buy an ugly shirt and prepare for a week or two of siestas and questionable music, there is a large and growing sector of society which feels like the party animal in all of us can be catered for adequately by bars and clubs in our home towns, and to expect this from our holidays is merely to export our town center to a sunnier location. Indeed, for many people the idea of sun, sand, sangria and other assorted things beginning with “S” is as far away from the perfect holiday as it is possible for a thing to be. Snow, however, is to be actively welcomed on a trip to the Arctic – something which has caught the imagination of many since the first packages to the area started running.

A holiday to the Arctic may seem like the direct opposite of what constitutes a “proper” holiday for many people, but when you consider it for a while, it makes perfect sense. After all, what could be more different than traveling to somewhere where the temperature is perpetually sub-zero (Celsius) and the common practice of a typical holiday almost literally a world away? If sea and sun is what you expect of a holiday, of course it won’t hold much magic for you, but for many the most important thing about a holiday is  to see something different and live in a different way. This much is definitely possible on an Arctic vacation.

An Arctic holiday, essentially, can be any break taken inside the “Arctic Circle” in a geographic sense. This means that we are not just talking North Pole here, there are several other locations, including some within Canada and much of Alaska. Additionally there are European locations such as Greenland, Iceland and Russia, as well as Antarctica itself. So what would you do while there? There are countless things that make it worth a visit, not least a range of wildlife that makes it entirely different and original. On any safari holiday you can see lions or tigers and a number of other wild cats among other things, but only on a visit to somewhere as cold as the Arctic can you see Polar bears, snow leopards and penguins. Opportunities for the photographer are certainly plentiful.

Additionally, the difference of the activities you can take part in makes an Arctic holiday a really good idea. At the right times of year you can see the famed Aurora Borealis – almost habitually listed among the things you must do before you die – and the opportunities for pursuits like dog sledding and kayaking are also worth bearing in mind. If you fancy doing something really different, a break in the Arctic Circle – possibly by cruise – would be well worth looking in to. There is an increasingly long list of travel agents which offer the opportunity to go, as well as many who specialize in particularly fascinating breaks.