Banks are charging too much NSF fees in Canada

Banks Can Charge As Much NSF Fees As They Want

I wrote an article about how banks are charging ridiculous NSF fees. This article became very popular and generated lots of traffic. Recently, after reading this article, one reader wanted to know if there is a maximum allowable NSF fee banks can charge. I could not answer this question because I did not know the answer by myself. So I wanted to find an answer and I ended up calling Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC).

FCAC is a federal government regulatory agency that ensures financial institutions comply with federal consumer protection laws and regulations. On Thursday I called them to find out if there is limit on how much banks can charge NFS Fee. I was totally blown away by their answers. NSF Fees have no limits. In simple words, In Canada, banks can charge as much NSF fees as they want. What it means? If banks keep increasing NSF fees every year, there is nothing you can do. Remember those days when NFS fees were like $10 or $15? Well, in the future, don’t be surprised if you get hit by $100 NSF fee. It may not happen in a couple of years or so; however; the way banks keep increasing NSF Fees, I would not be surprised if it reaches $100 someday. Right now, NFS fees are still below $50, but this may not last too long. What you can do not to pay NSF fees? Find your answers here: Banks Are Charging Ridiculous NSF Fees