5 Simple Tips To Motivate Employees

Tips To Motivate Employees

First Published: Dec 1, 2012 EntrepreneurJourney.com

We may think money is the number one medium to fire up employees’ motivation; however, the reality may be totally different. Today, I will discuss five simple steps that can make employees motivated and ready to embrace more challenge. 

Personality Matters - If you can bring out happiness, you got motivation automatically. Find out what your employees are passionate about and what they don't like to do. Try to accommodate individuals according their interest and the rest will follow.    

Start A Personal Development Plan - Sit down with your employees and create a personal development plan based on their individuality. As time goes along, monitor how they are performing. Encourage accomplishments - and for those who are not doing well, provide coaching and make necessary adjustments to reach realistic objectives. 

Encourage Growth Opportunities - This isn’t about giving a raise or promotion. Based on your employees’ personality and interest, lead them to a career path they would like better and find more challenging than where they currently are. For example, a different position within the same department or even another position within the same company with a different department. 

Make Employees A Part Of The Company - Profit sharing or bonuses based on the company’s overall annual performance - these or any such tools make employees feel like they are working for their own company and everyone will focus on the company’s profit. 

Don’t Forget Age - Based on age and lifestage, employees will act differently. Young workers tend to change jobs frequently - older workers like to stick to the same company … keeping in mind things like these and assigning projects knowing how age can play a role will motivate the right employees and will make your life a lot easier.