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A Dawn Books Website Was Fully Designed By A Dawn

First Published: ADawnJournal.com August 9, 2009

Until now, whenever I needed a site I asked my programmers to design it for me and picked one from among those they designed. Take A Dawn Journal, for example. Once I described to my programmer exactly what I was looking for, he designed three sites for me, and I picked the one I thought best suited my needs and looked visually pleasing. The design I picked still exists and this is what A Dawn Journal currently looks like (as of July 20, 2009. I am mentioning this because if you read this article after ten or twenty years from now, most likely ADJ will have a different look). Starting then ’til now, my creative inner-self has been dying to design a website from scratch with 100% my own design and that’s what made it possible to design a website all by myself.

The only thing I had on my mind while designing A Dawn Books is simplicity. I tried to make it a very simple and easy-to-navigate site while giving it a visually pleasing look. On the right side of the homepage, I integrated my Books specific blog. It will show the first few lines of my latest blog on the current book I will be writing and once you click on the Read More tab, it will take you to the A Dawn Books Blog page which stays hidden inside A Dawn Books main page.

From now on, I will be using A Dawn Books to provide updates for the new books I will be writing. For example, I am hoping to start working on my next book Save Now shortly and I will provide updates as I go along on the A Dawn Books site. However, whenever I publish a new post on A Dawn Books, I will let my readers know on Canada’s Personal Finance Website-as ADJ has the highest traffic of all my sites. Take a look on A Dawn Books and give me your feedback. Your continuous support has made it possible for me to come this far and it is always appreciated. Cheers!