Amazon Canada Rewards MasterCard Fails to Attract Customers

Amazon Canada Rewards Credit Card Review

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Amazon Canada recently launched a credit card issued by MBNA TD bank. There were lots of expectations, but this card failed to meet them. If you remember the old Amazon Chase Canada Visa Credit Card that was discontinued in early 2018, it was everyone’s favourite because of its zero foreign transaction fee feature.

The new Amazon Canada Rewards MasterCard offers 2 different rewards structures. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you get:

- 2.5% return on Amazon online and physical stores, such as Whole Food Markets, and 2.5% on foreign transactions.

- 1.5% return on everything else.

If you are a non-Prime member, you get:

- 1.5% return on Amazon online and physical stores and

- 1% return on everything else.

There are some other benefits, such as 90-day purchase assurance coverage, extended warranty, and trip interruption coverage.

It does not have any annual fee, points caps or expiration for points earned. Every 2,000 points earned will automatically give you a credit on your Amazon account for a $20 gift card.

As you can see, the Amazon Canada Rewards Credit Card is a mediocre credit card that offers no value and there is no keep to make this card your daily card for any reason.

You can easily get a 4-5% return on Amazon purchases by purchasing gift cards (and using it on Amazon) from grocery stores with one of those cards that offer 4-5% return on groceries.

Although the Amazon Canada Rewards Credit gives 2.5% return on foreign transactions to offset foreign transaction fees for Prime Members, you will end up earning no additional returns on them. There are other credit cards that offer zero foreign transaction fee plus some returns. You can find these cards on my channel in the credit card section. 

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this card to anyone, even if you are an Amazon Prime Member. Your best option to earn a higher rate on Amazon purchases would be to use a high-earning 4% to 5% card to buy Amazon gift cards from grocery stores and use them on Amazon.

You can watch my video on Amazon Canada Rewards Credit by visiting the link.