Australia Travel Blog: First Time Taking Sydney Metro (Subway)

Sydney Travel Blog: Part 2

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Sydney International Airport Station

While I was waiting for my train to come, I took a closer look at the Metro or subway station and some trains passing by on the other side of the station. 

In terms of cleanliness, lightings and fixtures, aesthetic looks, and everything else, I could not see much difference in a Sydney metro station than in a Toronto station. 

However, there were some obvious differences such as the Australian accent in the announcements, door closing chimes, and the noise of the train. And these were expected to be different in a different city. 

The train I boarded was a double-decker train, like Go Transit trains in Toronto. I noticed that yellow and silver colours were used for the trains’ inside and outside colour-theme. However, the seat covers were all blue. The door space felt like slightly wider than on Toronto TTC trains. 

Without any trouble, I changed my train at the Central Station and boarded a different train towards Kings Cross station. It took me slightly more than an hour to reach Kings Cross station. Once I got out of the station, it was close to 11:00 PM. I was out on the street and I was shocked to see so many people were out partying, sitting in open-air restaurants, or just hanging out. Although it was expected because it was Friday night, I have not seen people out partying on this scale for a while. 

That’s when I realized right away that Australians are happier than people in many other countries on the planet. People seemed to be friendly and cheerful. I wouldn’t mind watching people more, but I had to concentrate on finding my hotel, which was supposed to be not too far from the station.