BMO World Elite Switches from Priority Pass to LoungeKey Program

BMO World Elite Abandons Priority Pass Lounge Program

Starting August 8, 2018, BMO will replace their Priority Pass lounge access program with the LoungeKey program. Although both programs are owned by the same company, they work slightly differently.

In terms of lounge access, Priority Pass offers more lounges across the globe. Priority Pass has access to 1200 lounges at 500 airports. LoungeKey has access to 850 lounges at 400 airports.

For LoungeKey, you will not need to carry a separate membership card. The credit card that offers lounge access is enough to access a lounge. All do have to do is show your credit card. You do need to signup online to enroll prior to accessing lounges, of course.

The BMO World Elite MasterCard will still offer 4 free passes per year, so it’s not reducing the free passes it used to offer with Priority Pass.

One major difference between the Priority Pass and LoungeKey programs is that you can buy Priority Pass membership if your credit card does not provide one. However, LoungeKey does not have any membership plans to buy and is only accessible via credit card offers.

So is this change of lounge membership a devaluation? I wouldn’t say it’s a big devaluation, but it is a slight devaluation because you will have slightly less lounges to access.

Keep in mind that since the Scotia Passport Visa Infinite came out, BMO World Elite lost its luster because Scotia Passport provides more (6) lounge passes via the Priority Pass program, charges less annual fee ($150 vs $140), and also has zero foreign currency transaction fee. Read more on Scotia by clicking the link above.

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BMO World Elite Leaves Priority Pass Lounge Program