Brim Credit Card Offers 5X Points on Travel Spending

Brim Credit Card Updates

Just received a few updates from Brim in my mailbox and today I will touch base on them. The most striking announcement Brim made is that it will offer 5 times on travel transactions, but there is a catch.

Brim will offer 5X points on travel purchases such as accommodation, rentals, flights, and more, but the catch is you have to purchase these through Brim’s travel search engine or Rewards Portal. Think of it like Scotia Rewards or BMO Rewards portal.

5 times rewards on travel spending is a pretty good return, although you are forced to use Brim’s own site. If you book your travel through 3rd party sites, you will still get 2X points per dollar for the World Elite Card.

Brim Offers 5X Points on Travel Spending

Another feature Brim will be offering is the Custom Security feature. Customers will have the ability to lock Brim credit cards from their app to block any transactions or charges. This is an added layer security you can take if you believe your card has been compromised. So you lock your card first and then go through the regular process of notifying customer service like other credit cards.

I haven’t seen this type of self-service protection with any other cards before. In theory, this should give you peace of mind because sometimes it may not be possible to call or reach customer service right away once you realise you don’t know where your card is.

I have several Brim update videos which you can watch here: Brim Credit Cards Playlist