Canada’s Best Top Favourite Credit Cards

Canada’s Top Favourite Credit Cards

Canada’s top favourite credit card is not issued by TD or CIBC. According to a report published by J.D. Power, President’s Choice Financial credit cards by Loblaw Company ranks Number 1 for customer satisfaction and is the most favoured credit card in Canada.

This is no surprise, as the general population is looking for credit cards that are easy to understand and easy to accumulate and redeem rewards points.

The top credit card rankings out of 1000 are:  

PC Financial 788
American Express 780
Canadian Tire 774
Capital One 764

The least favourite credit cards are:

CIBC 741
MBNA 741
TD 739

The J.D. Power report is based on 6,000+ responses and looked at customers’ satisfaction based on rewards, benefits, communication, terms, customer interaction, key moments, and so on. The report also revealed that 48 percent of Canadians switched their primary credit cards last year for better perks.

Remember, a card being on the top favourite or best credit card lists does not mean it’s best for you as well. You should always pick your best or favourite credit cards based on your own lifestyle, needs, and spending habits. You can access information provided on my website or YouTube Channel to research and find your own best credit cards by visiting the links below: