Credit Cards That Provide Free Roadside Assistance

Free Roadside Assistance

If you purchase roadside assistance from providers such as CAA, Canadian Tire, etc. you are looking at spending somewhere around $65 to $100 annually. But why pay for Roadside Assistance when you can have it free? Today, I will provide you with a few credit cards which provide Roadside Assistance for free and you will never have to pay again.

As of this writing (and to the best of my knowledge) there are 4 credit card providers in Canada that offer free Roadside Assistance with their credit cards. These providers are BMO, TD, Home Trust, and Canadian Tire.

BMO provides free Roadside Assistance via three different credit cards, with an annual fee ranging from $79 to $120. Keep in mind that these cards also provide many other perks and benefits.

BMO CashBack World Elite Mastercard

BMO CashBack World Mastercard

BMO Shell CashBack World Mastercard

TD’s Cash Back Visa Infinite card has an annual fee of $120 and also provides free Roadside Assistance. Two no annual fee credit cards provide free Roadside Assistance. These are:

Home Trust Preferred Visa and

Triangle World Elite MasterCard

All of these cards provide assistance 24 hours a day across Canada and the USA such as towing, fuel delivery, battery boost, flat tire change, lock out service, winch, etc.

Service Calls per year

Triangle World Elite MasterCard = 5

BMO & Home Trust = 4

TD = Unlimited

Towing Limits

Triangle World Elite MasterCard = 250 km

BMO = 10 km, Home Trust = 5 km

TD = 200 km

There may be other benefits provided by these cards’ roadside assistance programs as well. Find the card that best suits your lifestyle and needs so you can have the best of both rewards points/cash back and free Roadside Assistance.