Free Credit Monitoring for Canadians

Credit Monitoring After Equifax Data Breach

Credit monitoring should a part of your routine to protect your information and stay safe, especially after the Equifax data breach. The good news is there are 2 financial services companies who are already providing this for Canadians for free.

Credit Karma provides a free TransUnion credit score for Canadians and recently this financial services provider started providing free credit monitoring. When important changes happen on your TransUnion credit report, such as an address change, a hard inquiry, or opening a new account, Credit Karma will notify you via email.

Another financial services provider,, recently mentioned that they are working on a new alert feature on Equifax credit score that will let its members know when a new inquiry occurs. Mogo already provides a free Equifax credit score for its members. However, it is not clear from the email I received from Mogo whether this feature is currently active or if they are still working on it.

Use all the tools and features to keep an eye on your credit files and take steps to protect yourself should someone try to use your information fraudulently. I regularly publish brief videos of this nature, so to keep updated subscribe to my YouTube channel here: Also, I have a video on the same article you just read and you can watch this here: Free Credit Monitoring After Equifax Data Breach