Globe Investor’s New Terrible Site Redesign and Why Is It Time to Switch to Google Finance Canada

Globe Investor by The Globe and Mail

Globe Investor’s Recent Terrible Revamped Website

First Published: March 7, 2010

I know what you will say once see the title of this article: Globe Investor comes nowhere near comparing with Google Finance Canada and they are meant to be used for different purposes. And up to now, I have totally agreed with you. However, I have changed my mind once I actually experienced their new redesigned site last week.

It is hilarious to see these mega sites trying to put on a huge show through online advertisements and campaigns to announce their new revamped site design – and then come up with a site that is much worse and more user unfriendly than previous versions.

What don’t I like about the new Globe Investor? Basically everything. They tried to make it look like a high-tech website by putting too many nice pictures and big stock market chart; however, they forgot one main element – simplicity.

When you open, the first thing that you notice is that almost all of your screen is covered with a gigantic market summary chart and a couple of pictures. And then, if you keep scrolling down, you will be bombarded with about 15-20 sections/columns with big pictures representing each one of them. Let’s say, if you want to find your favourite sections, or any specific columns, there is no way you can find it in a snap. The front page takes about 5-6 page down to see the whole thing.

A simple test you can do right now to see how inefficient and cluttered Globe Investor is. How much time you would need to browse all sections and important highlights on mega sites like, or I can do in about 20-30 seconds. How long it would take to do the same birds-eye-view scan of heavily cluttered Globe Investor home page? Give yourself an A+ if you can do it in 1 minute.

On a regular weekday, I usually browse Globe Investor 10-12 times and 2-3 times. However, starting now, I will flip it to Globe Investor 2-3 times and 10-12 times. Finding time is complicated enough and there is no point making it more complicated with the new revamped Globe Investor. Google Finance is may be miles away from Globe Investor in terms of offering features and customization, but I know it won’t take long for Google Finance Canada to catch up. After all, Google always seems to redesign and add features keeping simplicity and what readers want in mind – not the other way around.