How to Create a Bucket List to Improve Your Life

Make a Bucket List to Improve Your Life

Personal development is about creating something more than yourself. When you develop yourself personally, you will build upon yourself and improve yourself. This means going out of your element and doing things you may not have thought doing, but always hoped that you would. This is why the concept of a bucket list is so important to personal development. With a bucket list, you are creating a list that will help you improve yourself because you are going through the things that you want to do in your life before you ‘kick the bucket’.  To create a proper bucket list, one that will not disappoint you or be counter-productive, you should do the following to make your bucket list the best possible:

  1. You may want to write your bucket list all at once, but you do not need to do this. Write down the first few things can be written right away but keep your bucket list with you at all times because over time you will think of new things that you want to do.

  2. Don’t just pick the normal things that everyone picks, like ‘See Paris’. Think outside the box and choose things that are a bit more interesting. Riding a motorbike down the Great Wall of China is a good example of this.

  3. Look at the list of others to see what interests them and what they may want to do. You may find that you also want to do those things.

  4. Put things on your list that you can accomplish right now, at a low cost, like learning a language, while also making some things easier to achieve than others. If all your list items are very hard to do, you will only get discouraged. That being said, only putting easy things on your list will make it not worthwhile for you to do.

  5. Put your bucket list up on the internet because this will make you accountable to the people who see the list. They will both help you and push you to do your bucket list and they will keep you on the path to accomplishing the things that you want. It is like an audience watching you and making sure you do what you have promised to do.

  6. Probably the most important thing you can do is to make your bucket list something that is fun. If it is all serious, you won’t enjoy it and the most important thing about personal development is enjoying the person you are becoming and what you are doing. That is why you want to make your bucket list fun, so that you are always looking forward to what you are going to be doing in the future on the list.

A bucket list is something that is very important when you want to develop yourself personally and make yourself a better person. So begin today to make yourself a better person with your own personal bucket list.