How to Motivate Yourself

Simple Ways To Motivate

We have all been there, sitting around trying to get motivated. Being motivated is not always easy but when you are involved with personal development it is essential. Motivation stems from not being lazy, but when you work a full-time job, and having a family to care for, motivating yourself can be very difficult. However, it is not impossible and there are several things you can do.

1. Always remind yourself of why you are trying to motivate yourself. Remember that you are doing this because you want to do something better for yourself. When you wonder why you should get up off the couch and go for a run, remember that you are trying to improve who you are and you will find that the motivation comes.

2. Start small with what you are doing and build at is as you continue to grow. The more you do something, the more motivated you will be to do it and that feeling will grow as time goes on.

3. Have a set list of goals in mind. It is hard to stay motivated when you don’t know where you are going with something. Hence, by knowing the next step and the end goal, you will be more motivated to keep on the path.

4. Determine what it is that keeps you from actually being motivated. If you want to run five miles a day to lose weight but can’t seem to get motivated, discover why. If it is because you live in a bad neighbourhood, then go to the gym. If you are feeling as though you can’t write that book you want to write, discover why and then fix the problem.

5. Get the things you need to stay motivated. If you are trying to learn a new language on the computer but the computer is too slow, then you should get a faster computer. If you want to read more books but your library is too small, then you should find ways to get more books elsewhere.

6. Don’t sweat the small stuff. c that will drive us to not do something. Yes, things may be difficult, and there will be roadblocks, but don’t sweat the small stuff. Just keep your eye on the prize.

7. Develop a system of statements that will keep you focused. If you are trying to lose weight, then you can keep saying to yourself ’20 more pounds’. When you lose ten pounds, you can keep saying ’10 more pounds’ and so on until you have been able to reach your goal.

8. Once you have a taste of success, you will want to keep building on that success and that will be what motivates you. If you get a story published and you learn a new language, build on that and remember how you felt reaching your accomplishment. That will continue to motivate you into the future as each new accomplishment adds to your motivation.

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