How To Self-Manage Yourself

The Concept of Self-Management

Can you manage yourself? When you talk to yourself, do you listen? These may seem like odd questions but they have some very important answers to them. It all comes down to self-management, which involves being able to manage and control who you are. If you are trying to stay away from fast food to lose weight, but find yourself constantly going to a fast food restaurant, then you are not managing yourself or practicing self-management. Self-management turns you into your own manager. You tell yourself what to do and you do that.

So, what does self-management do for you in your life and what does it involve? Well, put simply self-management will turn you into a doer, rather than a sayer, and involves setting goals for yourself and sticking to those goals. You need to have discipline and will power to self manage and reach your goals, but if you follow these tips, you can do just that.

1. Decide what goals you want to have for your life. They can be anything from losing weight to starting a business, but make sure your goals are something you can achieve.

2. Be specific with your goals. Instead of saying you want to make money with a small business in the first three years, decide how much money you want to make. Being self-managed means being specific to what you want. Managers are specific to employees, and you should be to yourself.

3. Put a chart up somewhere so you can see your progress to your goals. This will both motivate and keep you on track. When you see that you are losing weight, you will be motivated to lose more. If you are not losing weight because you are not exercising, looking at that chart will get you back towards your goals.

4. When an employee does something right, they get rewarded by the manager. The same should happen to you when you have success; reward yourself. If you lose 10 pounds, go to a movie. If your business reaches a goal you set, treat yourself to something. It is up to you but make sure your reward is not counter-productive to your goal.

5. You should place post-it notes around your house with your goals written on them. This will not only keep you constantly reminded about your goals, but it will help you stay on track and motivated. You will see those goals and feel guilty for not reaching or trying for them. As a result, you will get back on the track to reaching your goals and that will make you feel better. Then when you reach a goal, you can remove the post-it note, which in itself will create a great feeling of accomplishment.

When you are trying to better yourself you need to become a manager for yourself. You need to become a person who can order you what to do. You are the manager and the employee, so make sure you stay on track with your goals to bettering yourself.

To streamline and minimize blog maintenance, I will be discontinuing maintaining the website (however, I will still hold the domain). I will gradually move all articles from this site to Ahmed Dawn Dot Com. This article originally published on the above website on Oct 28, 2010.