I Am A WordPress Veteran and Moving to Squarespace

The Beginning of AhmedDawn.com

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If you have been following my blogs, books, and YouTube channel, you know that I have several websites, with ADawnJournal being the most popular one. However, it is time for a change. I have secured a domain with my name and will build a new site from scratch.

This time I decided to go with a totally different platform for the new site and I have chosen Squarespace (SS) as my platform. All my other sites are WordPress sites, so it makes sense to try something different with my new site. WordPress may be the best platform out there and most of the big media and other big name sites run on the WordPress platform.

But it all comes with a price. If you are not a programmer or a web developer, it’s a lot of work and hassle to maintain WordPress sites. From my experience for the past 10 years, I have had lots of pain and agony running after programmers to update, change, or fix my sites. And there will be always problems you will have to deal with maintaining WP sites. I know little bit of coding to fix minor issues, but not I am not knowledgeable enough to write programming code, Mysql databases, FTP, etc. to build WP sites from scratch and fix major issues.

As SS does all these and it’s a drag and drop site builder with modern templates and features, I should be able to save lots of time and hassle. After all, I am a minimalist and live my life keeping things simple.

 I already started building my new site and expect to make it go live in 1 or 2 week (if you are reading this, it is live). My other WP sites will remain on WP for now, and I will decide on those (if I want to keep them on WP or move to SS) later. ADawnJournal will remain active for now. In the future, I will have to decide whether to leave ADawnJournal as it is or merge into AhmedDawn.com.