Jobs That Will Be Obsolete In The Future

Will Your Job Survive In The Future?

First Published: Nov 26, 2013

A report recently published by the Canadian employment website Workopolis looks at some jobs
that will not exist in ten years. Technological advancement and widespread availability of the  
Internet will make these jobs a thing of the past in the future as people will not be needing
anyone to provide these services anymore.

Here are the ten jobs that will vanish:

- Social media expert

- Taxi dispatcher

- Toll both operator

- Retail cashier

- Word processor or typist

- Switchboard operator

- Photo finisher

- Video store clerk

- Print journalist

Source: Workopolis

Also, according to Workopolis, here are the top five fast growing and fast decline jobs:

Fast Growing Jobs

- Financial advisor

- Financial service representative

- Field sales representative

- Sales associate

- Social worker

Fast Declining Jobs

- People greeter

- Photo lab associate

- Head cashier

- Data entry clerk

- Courier

Source: Workopolis

The study by Workopolis mentions that as people will rely more on smartphone apps to call taxi, 
taxi dispatcher jobs will be no longer required at some point. However, people still like to interact, 
buy, or get help from real persons and jobs like financial advisors/representatives, sales
associates, and social workers will continue to be in demand.