Keep Your Dot Com Lifestyle Simple and Uncomplicated

Dot Com Lifestyle

Before Google lifted its ban on John Chow, a “dot com lifestyle” search would put my site, A Dawn Journal, as number one on search results on Google’s first page. Once Google lifted the ban, A Dawn Journal began appearing right beneath John’s site on search results pages. The article which is causing the appearance is this one:

What Is A Dot Com Lifestyle?

In the above article, which is a four-part series, I mentioned what a dot come lifestyle means to me. Here are the main five characteristics of a dot com lifestyle:

Work two hours a day and five days a week

Live in a new country for every six months a year (if you have a family, make it two to four months)

The whole world is your office (you can work anywhere as long as you have your laptop and internet connection)

Live on your own terms

Have ridiculously flexible lifestyle choices

These characteristics are not set in stone. You can change or modify them based on your own lifestyle or needs. I get a feeling of living a dot com lifestyle on the weekends only, as I still have to maintain my full time job. Every Saturday, I go to Tim Hortons or Starbucks with my Netbook and Mobile Internet Stick and work 3 – 4 hours writing articles, updating my sites, replying to emails, and so on.

A dot come lifestyle does not have to be complicated and out of the ordinary. I like keeping things simple and hope to live a simple and an ordinary life once I reach my goal of living a full-time dot com lifestyle. This is what the Entrepreneur Journey website is all about and I invite you to be a part of it.
First Published: May 8, 2010