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If you are a massive football fan then you will appreciate how well football stadiums are built and how they can have a big impact when they are fully built. One of the biggest stadiums in the world is the Munich Stadium which is held in Germany. In the next few paragraphs we are going to talk about the different aspects of stadium and the history behind it.

Some facts about Munich Stadium in Germany

  • The Capacity of this stadium holds 80,000 People.

  • It has some major football world cup events

  • It has been allowed to provide concerts in the stadium which has attracted some biggest names in the music industry.

If you do go to Germany and you are a football fan you should not miss this chance to visit the Munich stadium. You will be breath taken on how big the stadium actually is and you will be impressed on how beautiful the designers have made the stadium. If you get chance to watch a game inside the stadium you will find that the atmosphere will be electric. The crowd gets noisy and lively like a massive block party.

This stadium has been built for over 40 years and it has some had some amazing events. The first biggest event that was held in Munich stadium was in fact the world cup in 1974. Due to the capacity size it allowed Germany to hold the final and they produced an emphatic win against the Netherlands which came to 2-1. This produced the record attendance for a football game in Munich. The Munich stadium also held the Euro 1988 Cup. West Germany only got to play one game in that cup at Munich stadium in there group a match which was against Spain and they won 2-0.

England football team came across to the Munich stadium for a friendly in 1978 which they beat West Germany 2-1. England also came back to the Munich Stadium for the 2002 World cup Qualifier which they beat Germany 5 -1.

This stadium has also produced the Olympics in the summer of 1972. They allowed the Olympics at the Munich stadium due to the fact that it has a track around the center of the pitch.

If you are looking to take a tour around the stadium then one major part would be to see if you are able to go onto the pitch. If you are looking to go on the pitch then you are better to email the company to see if you will able to go on. Normally they allow people to go onto the pitch but only for a few minutes.

As you can see this stadium have had some of the most exciting football tournaments in the world which has provided the Munich stadium to gain some historic events since it has been built. It is defiantly a must if you are looking to go to Munich in Germany.

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