My 2017 Asia Business Class Trip

India – Bangladesh Trip

After travelling Asia for almost 3 weeks, I am finally home for Christmas and New Year. This trip was different from any other trips I have done in the past. In the past, I would travel to do leisure activities and sightseeing, but it’s no longer the reason I travel.

For the last couple of years, I have been vigorously active on my YouTube channel and travel videos are a big chunk of my content. This is the first time I have travelled to create more video content and with all my camera gear. I talk about credit cards and rewards points on my channel as well. Also, this trip was a full business-class trip that was funded by various rewards points and airline miles.

The strategies and tips I provide on my YouTube channel work and my trip was a testimony to that. As I will be posting various travel videos, including business class flight reviews, you will have insights on exotic tropical countries like India and Bangladesh and various business class flights and lounges.

Because I am publishing videos on YouTube, I will not be publishing detailed travel articles on Ahmed Dawn Dot Com.

You can visualize the full trip, day by day, on my YouTube and Instagram. Click on the link provided. As we are moving into another year, there will be more articles and video content on various topics providing value and insights. I hope 2018 brings everyone new perspectives and lots of success.