Online Money Making Scams - Fact or Fiction

Beware Of Online Money Making Websites

Making one’s way in business is something that requires not only a lot of work on the part of an individual, but some amount of luck too. Starting out as an entrepreneur presents a series of challenges, and it is unsurprising that many businesses fail in their first year. Realistically, if a business is going to fail the that is as likely a time as any. Before you have really found your feet you may come up against some issues that, despite your best will, will prove insurmountable. And what really doesn’t help is the vast amount of supposed “help” that is out there for entrepreneurs, some of which is irrelevant to your own case, some of which is just plain lies.

Among the things that you need to look out for are websites that promise to make your business go through the roof in its first six months just by following some simple advice. While there are websites out there which will be of significant help to any potential entrepreneur, there are just as many – more, in fact – that will be as much use to you as a glass hammer. The latter can be recognized a lot more easily than the former. One thing to look out for is a site which is short on actual relevant detail. These sites are recognizable from the start. Most willhave bright, gaudy graphics, and grab your attention by highlighting seemingly random words and using highly informal language.

The individuals who has set up these website are doing their level best to get as many subscriptions as possible from interested or desperate customers by assaulting their senses and making broad hints while revealing nothing about themselves or their service. The sites have taken little time and cost only a small amount to set up, so from the moment they pick up even a small few subscribers they are already in credit – unlike their customers.

Sometimes you will be offered the chance to hear a talk from a “guru” who can give you the simple secret that guarantees business success. Being a successful entrepreneur is not about simple secrets, and business success is never guaranteed. Always look out for someone who goes out of their way to tell you what they think you want to hear. They may well even give you warnings like the ones in this post – but then they will ask you for money. You cannot buy business success from scratch, and anyone who promises that they can show you how to is simply selling a lie.

The information that will allow you to really build your business and make it profitable is a whole lot more mundane than some big flashy secret that needs to be advertised on a website that looks like it was designed by a room full of drunken chimps. It might even justifiably be called “boring”. The reason is that the people who are furnishing this information do not need to send up fireworks to distract from the holes in their logic – realizing as they do that there is a lot more long term future in giving people a formula that works.

First Published: May 26, 2009