Scotia Momentum VISA® Card Offers 2% Cash Back – But Is It Worth It?

Scotia Launches New Scotia Momentum VISA® Card

First Published Date : August 31, 2009

Scotia Bank recently introduces a new VISA® card called Scotia Momentum VISA® card. Scotia Momentum card holders will be able to get cash back on purchases – whenever an eligible transaction is made.

Scotia Momentum VISA® card offers 2% cash back on eligible purchases. These eligible merchants are classified as groceries, gas stations, supermarkets, pharmacies, recurring bill payments, and so on by VISA®. Only the first $25,000 spent annually will attract 2% cash back. In addition, Scotia Momentum VISA® card offers 1% cash back once you exceed your $25,000 limit and on other eligible purchases. Cash back is not given for transactions such as cash advances, annual card fees, interest charges, etc.

Scotia is offering a special bonus for all purchases on first three statements. Purchases normally attracting 1% cash back will earn 2% during this promotion. This offer expires on October 31, 2009. All these incentives do not sound bad, after all, who does not want free money? However, if you do some calculations, you will be able to see the full picture.

Visit Scotibank’s website to find out more about eligible purchases and special bonus program

Let’s Dissect Scotia Momentum VISA® Card

You need to spend at least $1,950 to get back the annual fee ($39) you will pay
And then, you can pocket the 2% you will be making on eligible purchases (after spending your first $1,950)
Now, let’s say, you spend $3,600 annually on eligible purchases each year (that’s $300 a month)
So, the money you will be making each year = $3,600 – $1,950 = $1,650 X 2% = $33

Not bad, huh? Wait, not so fast. If you use one of the credit cards I mentioned in this post –
ADJ Picks Canada’s Best Credit Cards, you will be able to beat Momentum VISA® card by getting 1% cash back on your full $3,600 – and that works out to be $36 cash back.
However, if you spend more than approximately $300 per month on eligible transactions, Scotia Momentum VISA® card is a good bet. Here are the calculations assuming you spend $5000 annually (roughly $400 a month) on eligible transactions:

The money you will be making each year = $5,000 – $1,950 = $3,050 X 2% = $61
However, with a no annual fee 1% cash back card, you will be making = $5,000 X 1% = $50

My Take

My take is that the threshold for this card is about $300 per month. If you spend less than $300 each month, you can pick one of those I mentioned in the article above. If you spend more than $300, Scotia Momentum VISA® is an option you should look at; however, always do your own homework before making any financial decisions.