Simple Time Saving Tips for Your Digital Life

Simple Time Saving Tips

Simple Time Saving Tips

Simple Time Management Tips

Technology has opened up a new world with endless possibilities. However, it has also brought us endless possibilities to waste time as well. Today, I will go through some simple tips to stop wasting precious time.

Telephone - One of the major distractions of modern days. I often come across people who spend two to three hours daily on the phone. Have a caller ID on your phone and avoid picking up calls you don't have to. If it is important, the caller will leave a message. I use several phone numbers such as a regular cell phone, Dell Voice, and so on based on priorities and I use voice mail, caller ID, call forwarding to eliminate unwanted and time-wasting calls.

Television - It’s may not be realistic to give up watching TV for good. However, you should limit your watching only on productive programs such as news channels, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, travel channels, etc. TV addicted people can easily sit inactively in front of a TV set 2 to 3 hours daily - what a waste!

Email and Text Messaging - If you are attacking your email or Text Message inbox every 20 minutes or so, you are giving up lots of time to your inbox for nothing. Use preset times such as checking two times daily or checking your inbox every five hours and you will free up lots of time. Also, you can use times when you can’t do anything else to check them. For example, when you are standing in line, sitting in front of a TV, commuting on the bus, and so on.

Internet - Since the Internet became a necessity, it also started to grab a good chunk of our daily life from everything else. We are reading less books than we used to read before, spending less time with our friends and family, working out less, and the list can go and on. Don’t spend endless hours on sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and sites like these. Prolonged use of the Internet causes serious health problems, just considering the time it is stealing from you. The Internet should be used as a tool to increase use your productivity, not to waste your time.

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