Singapore Travel Blog: Impressions & Highlights

Singapore Travel Diary (Part 1)

+30 C from -30 C

My transition from -30 C (Canada) to +30 C was felt right away once I entered the airport from the plane. Although there was air conditioning, when I was walking along the glass wall it was clear I had arrived in Singapore.

Immigration was a breeze. The immigration officer only asked one question: How many days would I stay in Singapore? After clearing customs, it was time to look for transportation to reach my hotel.

City Shuttle to Four Points Sheraton

I researched reaching the city hotel taking public transportation before and taking a city shuttle seemed to be the best option for only $9. Once I reached the help desk close to the exit gate, the rep pointed me to the self-service kiosks located next to the help desk. However, she was nice enough to show me how to obtain a ticket from the machine.

I was told to stay close by the help desk, as the City Shuttle driver comes to the help desk to pick up for the next ride. After waiting about 10-15 minutes, the driver came and took me to the shuttle waiting just outside the exit door. To my surprise, I was the only passenger. So for only $9, I had something like a taxi ride.

I had the same thing when I was returning from the hotel to the airport. I booked my return trip with the driver and he picked me up at my hotel. This time I was the only one in the shuttle as well.

Singapore River in Robertson Quay

My hotel was located on the Singapore River in Robertson Quay and I had spectacular views from my room of the river and city skyscrapers. There was a cute white bridge at the river and there were a nice walkway and restaurants there as well. The river stretches a long way and all along you can see stores and eateries. The night scenes were even better due to the reflections of lights on the water.

First Evening in Chinatown

After checking in and showering, I wanted to explore Singapore a little bit because it was only 4:00 PM. Hotel employees mentioned that Chinatown was within walking distance and I decided to walk to to Chinatown after taking some pictures of the white bridge and river surroundings.

Chinatown was bustling and open-air and street food restaurants were full of people. I saw lots of senior citizens hanging out and having good times in Chinatown. At my hotel the dinner buffet was $70, but in Chinatown I picked 7 items (that was a lot of food) and paid only $5.80. The server was surprised when I gave her a tip. I was looking for napkins or tissue, but no one seemed to understand. Finally, one person got me and gave me a tissue pack.

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