Eagle Creek Load Hauler Expandable Carry-On Duffle

Eagle Creek Load Hauler Review

As my 4-country, 1-month trip is approaching fast, I was looking for a hybrid convertible carry-on that could serve me for one month traveling without any other bulky luggage. Whenever I travel, I do not check any luggage. So my carry-on has to be a versatile piece that can work as a backpack, briefcase, or something that can be carried over the shoulder.

After searching frantically online and watching many reviews on convertible carry-on bags, I decided on the Eagle Creek Load Hauler Expandable for these reasons:

- Ultra lightweight & water-repellent Geo Ripstop ballistic fabric. Weighs only 1 lb 13 oz or 0.83 kg

- Regular capacity is 49 L, but can be expanded to 57 L

- Quick access pockets that makes airport security checking a breeze

- Good looking and attractive price point. I have seen similar luggage at $300 - $400, but at $150 the Load Hauler is fairly priced.

Now my challenge is to fit everything for my one-month Australia-New Zealand-Singapore-Malaysia trip in this Eagle Creek travel hybrid bag. I will be carrying a Chromebook and 2 or 3 cameras for my YouTube Channel Travel Videos  

I will make several videos on how I pack everything and how comfortable or not so comfortable it is carrying my gear in this travel bag. You can also track my full trip on my channel. There will be business class flight reviews, airport lounge reviews, and travel videos. If you haven’t subscribed already, please subscribe now to track this trip.

I have made a review video on the Eagle Creek Load Hauler Expandable, which you can view by following the highlighted link.

Light Traveler's Travel Checklist

Light Travel Packing List 

First Published: EntrepreneurJourney.com Dec 11, 2011

I love to travel. And I guess it would be hard to find someone who does not like to travel. I am a minimalist person and what I have found out throughout my years of travel experience is that applying a minimalistic approach while you travel does make a difference - a lot of difference. When I travel, my objective is to pack only those things in my bag that are absolutely necessary. There is a day and night difference between carrying negligible-weight luggage and carrying bulky, hard to carry luggage. I have my own list of objects that I must need when I travel. Today, I will share this list with you. 

The Absolutely Can’t Survive Without It List   

- Toothpaste
- Toothbrush
- Mouthwash
- Cotton Swabs
- Floss
- Razor
- Deodorant
- Sunscreen
- Shave Foam
- Soap/Shower Gel
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
- Lotion
- Lip Balm
- Perfume
- Chewing Gum
- Glasses/Sunglasses
- Comb
- An unlocked cheap Smartphone
- Nail Cutter
- Hair Trimmer
- Polo Shirts (2-3 pieces) 
- T-Shirts (2-3 pieces) 
- Pants (2-3 pairs) 
- Underwear (2-3 pieces) 
- Socks (2-3 pairs) 
- Long Sleeve Shirts (1-2 pieces) 
- A packable Raincoat Light Jacket
- A winter Jacket, Scarf, Gloves, etc. (if your destination is a cold country) 
- Shorts/Pajamas (2-3 pairs) 
- A Tablet Computer
- A small Camera
- One Universal Travel Adapter (most of the A/C adaptors are dual voltage compatible these   
  days and you may not need a separate universal power converter) 
- A small Flashlight
- One pair of Light Shoes
- One pair of Light Sandal
- Some OTC Medicines and Accessories (Such as Band-Aids, medicines for pain, nausea,   
vomiting, cold and flu, diarrhoea, heartburn and gas, and so on) 
- Alcohol Wipes/Towelettes
- A few different size Ziploc bags and plastic bags
- Some Cereal Bars
- A mini travel First Aid Kit

The reason I asked to leave your expensive smartphone at home is because in some countries it may attract the unwanted attention of thieves or robbers. You need an unlocked phone because it lets you buy a SIM card in the destination country to make cheap phone calls if you don’t have Wi-Fi to use Skype. 

The reason I can survive with only 2-3 pairs of all my clothes is because I hand wash my dirty clothes every day and they are ready to wear again the next day. Also, if I think I missed something, I just buy it in my destination country.   

You may not need some items I mentioned here to travel light, or you may need to add some more. Save or print this page and make your own list if it will help. And yes, don’t forget to double-check before you leave to make sure you are not missing anything. Happy traveling! 

A Budget Travel Tripod - Koolehaoda 56-inch SLR Camera Tripod

Compact Travel Tripod Review

If you are searching for a lightweight and compact tripod that you can travel with, you know how hard it is to find one that is wallet friendly. Of course, there are those high-end brand name ones, but not everyone may want to shell out $300 to $400 for a travel tripod.

That’s where value brand like Koolehaoda comes in. At a fraction of the cost (of the fancy ones), you can have very similar features and functionality that work without burning your wallet.

The one I purchased is a 56-inch, compact, and lightweight. Here are some specs:

Weight: 1290 kg or 2.85 lb

Height: 13.6 inch and 56 inch

One leg can be detached to work as a monopod.

Made of aluminium alloy and comes with universal ball head handle letting you perform 360 panoramic rotation. Flip lock legs are very quick and easy to manoeuvre.

As my YouTube channel www.YouTube.com/ADawn is growing, I needed a portable travel tripod without spending too much, and Koolehaoda is what I decided on after doing my research. Of course, there are other similar low-cost brands, but Koolehaoda is what I picked and have been using.

I also did a Koolehaoda YouTube review on my channel, which you can watch to find out further. Also, here is my Amazon link for Canadian visitors. Full disclosure: If you purchase using this link, I get a small commission.

Like my other reviews, this was not paid by anyone and all the opinions are unbiased and honest. There are some features of this tripod that I did not like, which I mentioned on the YouTube review. Always take your time to do your research to decide before buying anything, so you won’t regret it later on.