The Green Living Blog

Let The Green Journey Begin

First Published Published Date : March 8, 2009

I am happy and excited to introduce my new Green web site The Green Living Blog to A Dawn Journal readers. I created The Green Living Blog to make the world of environmental issues a lot simpler and clearer for people who want to do their part.

The Earth is the source of everything we use on a daily basis, from cradle to grave. However, we fail to realize that resources are depleting so quickly that one day the planet will not be able to accommodate our demands. Our daily actions affect the environment in which we live. We and some of our actions are a cancer to the earth and one day this cancer will spread to a point from which there will be no return.

The Green Living Blog is written for the curious individual interested in doing what they can to alleviate our own burden on the planet. The Green Living Blog will be a way of learning more, understanding better, and hopefully also being entertained.

I will be updating The Green Living Blog once a week. Visit this new Green site here – The Green Living Blog. Also, here is a Press Release I issued yesterday announcing the launch of The Green Living Blog –