The Pyramids of Egypt

You Might Have To See Pyramids More Than Once

Of the many reasons to travel, sight-seeing is one which has held strong for longer than any of us have been alive. These days, there are so many different niches in the tourism industry that it would possibly be quicker to list the things that do not have a travel industry attached to them. However, among the major ones we have sports, cuisine and music. Above all of these, though, tourism still retains its love for seeing the sights of a new place. And when it comes to sight-seeing, historical locations have a big advantage over everywhere else. Simply put, people love to see the places that have been written about and photographed, and captured by so many travelogues that one couldn’t fail to know about them.

So we accept that tourism is in love with sight seeing, and sight seeing is inextricably linked with history. If we can go further, it would be fair to say that when it comes to history, a country which is home to the last standing remnant of the legendary seven wonders of the world would be an excellent destination. This is, of course a reference to Egypt, and specifically to the great Pyramids. More specifically still, the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is impossible to overstate the historical significance of this site. At the time when the Wonders of the World were designated, the major civilisations of the time were in Rome, Greece and in Egypt. In ancient Egyptian culture, craftsmanship was an issue of major importance, especially when it came to death.

Death in ancient Egypt was an issue that immediately made people think of tombs. The ancient Pharaohs of Egypt took their tombs very seriously, and more to the point were seen as almost god-like entities by the people they led. A visit to Giza, and to the wider Egypt in general, allows you to see the classic mausoleums and sarcophagi of the people who made Egypt what it was. In addition you will have the chance to see the Sphinx, built at the time as a guardian to the Pyramids and the center of some important and fascinating mythology. Giza is well situated, as it is just outside the modern capital city of Egypt, Cairo.

If traveling to Egypt, Cairo should be your landing place. In itself a fascinating city, it is a gateway too to the rest of the wonderful locations within Egypt. For example there is Luxor, considered by many to be the world’s most important open museum, such is the depth and the quality of the ancient architecture there. It is even home to the world’s greatest collection of mummification memorabilia. By traveling further out you can also pay a visit to the seaside paradise which is Sharm el-Sheikh – in many people’s view one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Speak to your travel agent about package tours to Egypt. There is so much to see that you might have to go back – but the chances are that you won’t be complaining.

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