This Visa Prepaid Card Has Zero Foreign Transactions Fees

Mogo Prepaid Card With $3 Foreign ATM Fee

Don’t let the word “prepaid” scare you away from the Mogo Platinum Prepaid Visa card. There are some features I found in this card that make it a perfect travel companion if you are looking to avoid a foreign transactions fee and reduce ATM fees when you need to take out cash.

Most Canadian credit cards charge 2.5 percent foreign fees when you buy something outside Canada or online where merchants are not located in Canada. The Mogo card has zero foreign transactions fees and $3 foreign ATM fees, which seem to be reasonable ATM fees compared to bank or credit cards.

You only load what you need to spend. This feature is a safe way to travel with a card having not too much availability on it, especially if you lose your card a due to pickpocket, theft, or robbery; you are risking very little amount and saving a lot of hassle.

Some other features this card has:

- No minimum balance

-Unlimited transactions

- Zero monthly fees

You can view more details on the website. You can also watch my video on the Mogo card on YouTube and the link is right here:

New Mogo No Foreign Transactions Fee Platinum Prepaid Visa Card

Keep in mind that there are a few other credit cards on the Canadian market that offer zero foreign transactions fees as well. I also have a video on them and I provided the link in the description box of the above video.

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