Toronto Pearson International Airport Festival

Toronto Pearson Street Festival

Every year, the Toronto Pearson Street Festival Team arranges a street festival inside the airport airfield where different exhibitors display a wide array of products related (and some non-related) to the aviation industry.

I attended this event this year, which was yesterday June 17, 2017. I had no idea about this event prior to attending and was not sure what to expect and even what sort of crowds to expect. I was surprised to see lots of people attending this gathering.

It was a cloudy day with intermittent sunlight sneaking out through the clouds. The temperature was hovering around 22 C with 70 percent humidity and 30 km/h wind. So it was not that bad to stay in an open airfield enjoying the festival and watching the planes that were landing and taking off right next to us on active runways.

There were many stalls or demonstrations, but those I liked most were a very friendly K9 police officer doc, a demonstration of chemical and biological weapon gear, a FedEx C-FEXH Cessna single-engine turboprop aircraft, and another gigantic FedEx cargo airplane, and some other airport equipment and fire trucks.

I do have videos of all those I liked and will post them on my YouTube Channel one by one. You will find one link inside this post as well, but visit my channel for all other videos I made from the Toronto Pearson Street Festival.

In the future, I will try to show more behind the scenes at the airport, as the Toronto Pearson International Airport offers programs where visitors can take an inside look at some of the airport maintenance and equipment facilities. If you have not subscribed to my YouTube Channel, go ahead and do so and I will see you soon.