What Is Minimalism?

The Roadmap to Becoming Minimalist 

The word minimalism can have a wide range of meanings. The word originally derived from an art and design background – simply meaning a trend in art and design in its most basic and simple form. However, these days the word minimalism is widely associated with personal development, giving it a new perspective in terms of simply living with less. Today, I am going to touch base on minimalism from my own perspective.

Different people can define minimalism from different angles. What is a minimalistic lifestyle for me may be living with too much stuff for someone else, and vice versa. The way I look at a minimalistic lifestyle is – living a simple life with only the things that are absolutely necessary to survive.

To become a minimalist and live a simple life, there are steps to be taken, and these steps may not be as simple and easy as it sounds. We are programmed by our society to believe and act certain ways from our childhood. You need to break out of the cycle. Some people will never be able to find peace and solitude in living with less stuff and living a simple life. For those who can do it, it’s a rewarding life beyond imagination; it’s a worry-free life free from clutter, possessions, and stress.    

I am going to mention some steps you need to take, and some work you need to do on your way to becoming a minimalist:

- Buy less 
- Consume less 
- Get rid of the unnecessary 
- Slow down 
- Live a simple life 
- Create more 
- Unclutter your life 
- Unclutter your mind 
- Unclutter your home 
- Let it go 
- Help others 
- Educate yourself 
- Breath 
- Appreciate your moments on earth

These are some of the elements that you will travel with on your journey towards becoming a minimalist. However, there are endless ideas and possibilities you will come up with once you start going through the minimalism door on your own. And that’s the most rewarding and fun part of it – finding out what more you can do make your life simple and with less stuff. I cordially invite you to build your roadmap and start your journey right now on your way to becoming a minimalist.