4 Countries – 7 Business Class Flights – 1 Month – 1 Carry-On

My Singapore – Australia – New Zealand – Malaysia Trip Starts

My well-anticipated trip is near. I have been waiting for this trip so long that now it feels hard to believe I am leaving Toronto in one week (as of this writing). 

I am departing Toronto on Nov 23, 2018. My first stop will be Singapore. From there I will complete my travel in this order:

Singapore to Melbourne

Melbourne to Auckland

Auckland to Sydney

Sydney to Malaysia

The full trip is almost a month long. I will be regularly updating my:

Blog (www.ahmeddawn.com

Instagram (www.instagram.com/adawnjournal)

YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/adawn)

If you haven’t subscribed already, subscribe now my YouTube channel, as it will feature all the videos I will be sharing with you. I concentrate on travel videos, business class flight review videos, business class airport lounge reviews, food videos, packing tips, travel tips and hacks, and much more.

My YouTube subscriber base is growing exponentially and I will be able to bring you more travel videos in the future.

As my main purpose is to film my travel experiences, I carry various cameras and travel gadgets. But I am still able to pack everything in one carry-on. I will provide you some tips on how to pack and travel with only a carry-on in the future.

I hope you follow this journey and I will see you shortly from the other side of the world. This post was written in Toronto, Canada on November 18, 2018.