A Dawn Journal & Entrepreneur Journey Merging to Ahmed Dawn Dot Com

A Dawn Journal & Entrepreneur Journey

The time has come to move my highest traffic website, ADawnJournal.com, to AhmedDawn.com. Another website, EntrepreneurJourney.com, will be forwarded to AhmedDawn.com as well.

I have been working to save and move all articles from these 2 websites for a while. As I am more concentrating on www.YouTube.com/ADawn, I don’t want to deal with writing and actively maintaining too many websites like I did in the past.

However, I will still be holding a handful of domains that I believe will have value in the future. I don’t need to maintain these domains, as they are just parked domains.

I might make some videos as well on the Internet and related topics in the near future. It all depends on how my YouTube channel is growing and if these types of videos will be suitable at that time.