8 Free Lounge Passes from BMO World Elite MasterCard

8 Free Lounge Passes This Year

The BMO World Elite MasterCard is changing their lounge access program from Priority Pass to LoungeKey. I wrote about this here a few days ago: BMO  World Elite Switching Lounge Program. Today, I will provide you with further details on how you have 8 free lounge passes this year.

The lounge program change takes place on August 8, 2018. Until then, you will have 4 free passes from Priority Pass, which are given each year. Once the switch takes place, meaning after August 4, 2018, BMO will throw in another 4 free lounge passes for the rest of the months until December 31, 2018.

What it means that you will get these 4 extra free lounge passes from LoungeKey in addition to the free lounge passes you had from Priority Pass from Jan 1 to Aug 8. It is recommended you finish using up Priority Pass passes before August 8 because the Priority Pass program (through BMO WE MasterCard) will no longer be valid after Aug 8.

And then finish using up the other 4 LoungeKey passes by December 31. Because the LoungeKey program will reset on Jan 1 with 4 new free passes and each subsequent year, there will be 4 free passes from LoungeKey.

If you are doing a lot of traveling this year, these 8 passes will come in handy. For myself, most of these passes will be wasted because my trip to Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore starts in late November and I will get free lounge access from my business class tickets.

BMO definitely deserves credit for giving 4 extra passes, as they had the option to not provide any free LoungeKey passes for the rest of 2018.

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