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Reach Extends Beyond Canada And Gains Pan-American Recognition

First Published: August 24, 2009 ADawnJournal.com

Despite being based in Canada, A Dawn Journal has won the approval of one of America’s most widely recognised blogs. It is quite an achievement to be able to say that Efinancialblog.com, a widely respected and admired blog recognising the best financial writing in the US, has respectfully invited A Dawn Journal to take part in its “America’s Top Financial Bloggers” campaign of recognition, highlighting posts and blogs with accurate and well-written financial content. Efinancial Blog itself states that it is looking to spotlight the web’s best financial writers, so to gain their recognition feels like no small achievement.

Although Canadian finance is the specific remit of A Dawn Journal, it is true to say that good content is recognised as such wherever it comes from. The problems currently faced by families and businesses on the North side of the border differ very little from those which the United States currently faces. However, anyone will tell you that it is harder for a Canadian to gain recognition in the United States than vice versa, and for this reason it is very gratifying to be recognised in this way. Why has this happened? Well, it would be presumptuous to assume that one knows the minds of experts, but the simplicity and truth of the financial advice posted here means it can make an impact on anyone who shares our concerns about the financial climate of the day.

Although this is a Canadian blog (and very pleased to be able to say so) it has recently been noticeable that the number of global visitors has risen recently. There can only be one reason for this: readers understand and agree with the content written here. It is timeless and transcends national borders. Although there are always going to be differences from one country to the next, our differences are not what define us – our similarities are. An interest in finance is all the more relevant and essential at the present time, as we will all have financial questions to deal with the longer the financial turmoil continues. Being able to read simple yet intelligent financial advice and information helps us all deal with the important issues and questions we face.

So it seems quite reasonable and self-explanatory that this blog is becoming a regular read for an increasing number of people not only in Canada (which is still the essential focus of the site and a hugely valued readership) but also further afield. It is not only in America that this blog is read and followed, and it is hoped that this recognition from the US financial blogging community will not be the last. Financial information and news has now become a major priority even for a number of people who would not previously have paused on the financial pages for long before turning to seemingly more interesting information. For as long as people want to read important financial stories and get a no-nonsense, measured response to the issues, A Dawn Journal will be here to fulfil a need.