Brim Credit Card Updates

What’s Happening with Brim

Brim Financial announced created heavy buzz on the Canadian market when they announced new credit cards for Canadians with features such as no foreign transaction fee, Lounge Key membership, Boingo global Wi-Fi access, plus much more. It’s been more than two months since I applied for the Brim World Elite MasterCard and I haven’t heard from them since, so I decided to give them a call to find out what’s going on.

I spoke with two individuals at Brim and here is the summary of what they told me.

No Cards Have Been Issued Yet – Brim is still working on approving credit cards based on FIFO basis and they have not started issuing any credit cards yet. This is as of when I spoke with them about a week ago.

Lounge Key – I asked about lounge access and whether it’s just the annual membership they are offering or if it comes with membership + lounge entrances as well (like Scotia Passport Visa Infinite, which comes with Priority Pass membership + 6 entrances). I was told that they are offering only the Lounge Key (a lounge access program like Priority Pass) membership program, but no free entrances. You will have to pay each time you access a lounge, but you will be saving on the annual membership fee. The RBC WestJet World Elite MasterCard offers the same type of Lounge Key program.

Some Brim Cards Are Out There – There are some Brim credit cards in circulation, but they are given to the testers who are using these cards to test and make sure everything is working fine.

A few days later after talking to Brim, I received an alert from TransUnion on April 26, 2018 that Brim has made a credit inquiry. So it looks like they reached my application, but I have not heard anything from them yet about the status of my application.