CIBC Got This Right! (After Publishing CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite)

CIBC Reached Out to Me

Recently, I published my experience obtaining a CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite credit card that took almost a month. The experience was mainly negative. You can read about by clicking the links provided below.

But what happened after these posts went online went beyond my expectations. CIBC actually reached out to me and made things right by doing a few things. That’s what I will talk about today.

In this age of Internet and social media, it’s hard to ignore when something is up and people are talking about it. That’s what makes the difference when companies are paying attention or not. Here are the things that CIBC got and did right.

Keeping an Eye Open – CIBC was keeping an eye on the Internet and social media. That’s what everyone should do if they care about their reputation and customers’ feedback.

Reaching Out – Not only were they keeping an eye open, but CIBC also reached out. By contacting me, CIBC shows that they are willing to exchange ideas to make things right and makes things better.

Taking Responsibility and Making Customers Happy – CIBC took responsibility for what happened and acknowledged that they are aware of the issue and will work to improve it. Better yet, they offered me 5000 bonus miles, which was beyond my expectations.

CIBC did not have to do any of these things, but in doing so they proved that they are willing to go that extra mile to keep their customers happy and make everything right. That’s how other big banks and credit card companies should act, but that regrettably does not happen most of the time.

I mentioned before that CIBC customer service is not available 24 hours and if you get stranded in foreign countries or anywhere after hours, there is no help. CIBC corrected me, mentioning that you can call their 24-hour emergency line for any reason. Their regular customer service is the one that’s not open 24 hours.

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