The Joy of Not Working – A. Dawn Journal Book Review

The Joy of Not Working - ADJ Book Review

First Published: Aug 28, 2008

I recently mentioned Ernie Zelinski's the Joy of Not Working.  The interview with Ernie is still to come, but it is now time for a proper review of the book.

The book's central theme is the enjoyment of leisure, and the author spends a lot of time teaching you how to go about achieving it.  This concept is deceptively simple, which is apparent after reading a few chapters of the book.  There are too many people who are completely consumed by working a regular 9-5 job they don't like. They put very little time and effort into doing things they enjoy.  Some do not even know what those things are. The book is essentially a guide to finding out what you like doing, then changing your lifestyle to become a person that enjoys a life of leisure. 

The author peppers his writing with biographical anecdotes, scientific studies, diagrams, cartoons, and fan mail to create an interesting mix that will keep you hooked from cover to cover. Some may find the writing to be more verbose than necessary, but I did not have a problem with it since I like the author's writing style. He criticizes work, praises unemployment, teaches you how to live with less money, and drives home the concept that you will never be truly happy with your life until you have learned how to use your leisure time.

I am giving The Joy of Not Working a "Must Read."  I recommend it highly, especially if you are tired of being trapped in the regular nine to five schedule.

I am happy to announce that Ernie Zelinski has agreed to an interview request.  The interview will be conducted sometime next week, and I would like to offer my readers the opportunity to ask him some questions.  Please email me your submissions over the next few days.  I will pick a few of the best ones and include them in the interview. Also, I will be doing a review of The Joy of Not Working shortly.To submit your questions, you can email me through contact page, or you can leave a comment right underneath my postings.