How To Hire A Virtual Assistant

You Can’t Afford Not To Have A Virtual Assistant

First Published: July 7, 2009

I have outsourced a good chunk of my tasks before; however, those were nowhere near having a virtual assistant.  Those outsourced tasks were done on a one-time basis only by independent contractors and most of the time I have not met those individuals again. I have thought of hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant) before, but I was reluctant due to costs associated with it. However, just a few days ago, I was able to hire a VA at an unbelievable cost, and it does not make sense not to hire at this incredibly low rate. You just can’t afford not to hire anyone and enjoy your free time, or use your newly discovered free time for something more productive.

Today, I am going to tell you how you can hire a VA even if you don’t make a killer monthly income.

Which Sites To Use?

There are many sites online where you can hire VAs at incredibly low rates. To browse through all these sites, do a search by entering these keywords: virtual assistant, outsource, freelance, etc. The site I use to hire my VA is oDesk. This is one of the most cost efficient sites to hire someone at low rates.

How Much Will The Cost Be?

At oDesk, you will be able to hire someone at below $5 per hour. I have hired assistants at $1-$3 per hour in the past. Don’t underestimate these virtual assistants because of their low rates. These are highly qualified, educated individuals in their respective fields. Many of them

hold Masters degrees and speak and write English better than many native speakers.

How Can They Work At Such A Low Rate?

They can afford to do it because these individuals are working from low-cost countries such as Philippines, India, East European countries and so on. With these low rates, they are able to make a decent living – which is unthinkable in Western countries.

How Do I Do The Actual Virtual Assistant Hiring?

Use these simple steps to have your first virtual assistant:

·   Create an account with

·   Verify your credit card

·   Post a job

·   Pick and interview a few candidates among the many who will be replying to the job you posted

·   Hire the most suitable person who fits your specifics

What I Like Most

oDesk provides some unbeatable features, such as:

·   You set and control how many hours your VA will work

·   No additional headaches: oDesk does all the admin work such keeping track of hours, billings, and payments for you

·   Pick hourly or fixed price jobs

·   No commitment. You can terminate your assistant or end an assignment anytime you want

The Internet has revolutionized everything. Virtual marketplaces like oDesk provide endless possibilities for entrepreneurs and service providers across the globe – which was not possible just a few years ago.