Invest Now: A Canadian's Guide to Investing

Invest Now: Ahmed Dawn

I have a special announcement to make. But first, I would like to thank all of you for making A Dawn Journal and Canada’s Personal Finance Web Site a huge success. Some of you may have noticed a tiny ad on the top right corner of this site. Yes, this is about Invest Now. My first book Invest Now will be available in early 2008. I do not have a definite date at this time as Invest Now is going through design and format manuscript process at the publisher.

What is Invest Now about? Invest Now is a simple, step by step guide to start investing for the first time. I have put together some information about Invest Now on Canada's Personal Finance Website. Please click here to visit - Invest Now

I will keep you updated from now on and I have created a new category Invest Now to post all my Invest Now related news. I truly hope Invest Now will help Canadians to start investing for the first time. This book is written for Canadians who never invested before and would like to start with minimal risk.

First Published: Oct 22, 2007