Jumping Into The iPhone

Do You Really Need That iPhone?

All of the iPhone hype and anticipation is about to end. Apple will launch first model on June 29. 6.00 pm. iPhone is a combination of a cell phone, iPod and a wireless internet device. iPhone has lots of never seen before features but some of the features might not meet consumers' expectations and first generation product will always have flaws.

The following are some of the issues consumers should take a close look at before jumping into the iPhone:

  • First model product is kind of a test product and will always have flaws.
  • Touchscreen (no button keyboard) typing may not be a pleasant experience for many consumers.
  • iPhone is not 3G compatible, instead uses a slower 2.5-generation network.
  • There is no memory card slots.
  • No 3rd party applications can be used. 
  • Battery is sealed and can not be removed like other cell phones.

A prudent financial decision would be not to buy this first generation gadget. Wait till the hype dies down and all the first generation bugs are fixed. You will be paying a lot less and will be getting a lot more value for your money.

First Published: June 26, 2007 ADawnJournal.com