Mountain Springs Resorts - An Inside Look (Cottage Country)

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This is a video from my Blue Mountain trip. This is a video showing inside Mountain Springs Resort. Mountain Springs Resort is located in The Town of The Blue Mountains in Collingwood, The Blue Mountains and Area. I setup a temporary ADJ Blue Mountain Station to post video clips and short posts. Mountain Springs Resort provided free high speed wireless internet on its property. I used the nightstand as my table, as you will see in this video. I stayed in a one bedroom suite loft. It had all the amenities except in-suite laundry. To do laundry, you just need to go outside - which is about 1 minute walk. Amenities include one bedroom (6 people can stay), full kitchen, living room, fireplace, Jacuzzi, private deck, queen bed, sofa bed, dishwasher, microwave, telephone, air conditioning. You will feel like you are living in your own home away from your home. These suits are time share units. Some people live there for the full summer and time share the rest of the year. Mountain Springs Resort offers a full range of services in summer and winter alike. If you like outdoor activities, you would love this place. Some of the activities are: hiking, biking, skiing, tennis, basketball, swimming, fishing, boating, water sports, visiting Wasaga beach, visiting the Scenic Caves etc. How much was the price tag? It cost us $450 Canadian for the weekend. Visit Mountain Springs Resort website at for more info. If you would like to see all Blue Mountain related posts - here is the link.
First Published: Sep 5, 2008