Aeroplan Points for Amazon Shopping

Amazon and Aeroplan Team Up

If you shop on Amazon and feel frustrated for not getting any rewards, there is good news on the horizon. Amazon customers will soon be able to collect Aeroplan miles for spending money on Amazon. However, there are a few conditions that apply and I will go through those in this post.

Here is what you need to know to collect Aeroplan shopping on Amazon:

-          Starting April 24, 2018, Aeroplan members will be able to earn miles for shopping with Amazon Canada. This is only applicable to those shopping from Canada on Amazon Canada.

-          Aeroplan members will be able to earn at least one mile per dollar. Elite members will earn more; Black and Silver members earn at least 2 miles per dollar and Diamond members earn at least 3 miles per dollar spent on Amazon.

-          You must visit the Aeroplan website first to earn miles. Shopping directly from Amazon or their app will not earn you any Aeroplan miles.

Once you go to the Aeroplan eStore at, look or search for Then click and enter your Aeroplan number and last name, and hit shop now. This will take you to Amazon’s website and then continue shopping on Amazon as you would normally do to receive Aeroplan miles.

This is a good opportunity to earn lots of miles for those who shop on Amazon a lot. It’s even possible to earn miles 3 separate times on the same transaction. I am not talking about earning 3 miles but earning on 3 separate instances. I will do another post on how to do that after April 24.

Keep an eye on my YouTube Channel and on this website for more to come. I will see you shortly.