No One Cares About Your Money

Care About Your Money

No one cares about your money but you. Only you know how hard it is to earn a dollar, and even harder to save a dollar - that’s why self-interest is the best interest. The funny thing about money is that everyone can give advice about your money, but they are not nearly so casual with their own money. You are the one who earned it, and only you know the value of each dollar. Why give your money someone else to invest? Do you think that someone else will treat your money the same way as you do - of course not. That someone else will not act his/her best to protect your interests. He/she will act best to protect his/her own interests. You will not do frequent trading to earn commissions. However, that someone else might. That’s why I believe you should be your own money manager. I don’t believe you need to hire a financial advisor to start investing. But if you never invested before, how you can start on your own?

My first book Invest Now assumes you never invested before and teaches you how to start investing for the first time. It is written in simple and plain English, and you will never need a financial dictionary. You don’t have to be a financial guru to develop a consistent saving plan and accumulate wealth. Invest Now offers all the tools and motivation you need to start building a safe and secure financial future now for you and your family.

Award-winning book Invest Now is jam-packed with timely information and timeless advice for the beginning Canadian investor. To purchase a copy, visit Chapters Indigo or buy online - Invest Now: A Canadian's Guide to Investing

First Published:
Apr 15, 2008