Stack Prepaid MasterCard Offers No Foreign ATM & Transaction Fees

Stack Prepaid Card Review

A new FinTech company in Toronto is offering a new prepaid MasterCard that is not your average prepaid card. What sets this card apart from any other card is that it charges no foreign ATM withdrawal fees and zero foreign transaction fees.

Stack Prepaid MasterCard can be used both as a mobile app or a physical card. There are no fees attached to anything whatsoever according to its website However, there is no mention of any foreign ATM or transaction fees. So I reached out to them via email and I had a reply within 3 to 4 hours. That’s very impressive. I will summarize based on their responses.

1. Does it charge a foreign transaction fee if I use it outside Canada or in other currency?

Stack will not charge any foreign transaction fees. The cardholder will only be subjected to the foreign exchange rate at the time of the purchase.

2. Is there a foreign ATM withdrawal fee? Is there any limit on how many foreign withdrawals can be made daily or monthly? 

STACK will not be charging any ATM fees; however, cardholders are subjected to the fees levied by the ATM company they use. There is a daily maximum of $1000 CAD for ATM withdraws and a monthly ATM withdraw amount of $2000 CAD. 

3. Is there a limit on how much I can load or withdraw in Canada daily/monthly? 

This is same as foreign ATM withdrawals. A daily maximum of $1000 CAD and a monthly ATM withdraw amount of $2000 CAD. 

4. What options do I have to load this card? Such as Interac etransfer, from other credit cards, etc. 

STACK accounts can be loaded via Visa Debit, Interac transaction and direct deposit (i.e. Payroll). 

There is another Mogo Platinum Prepaid Visa Card that also offers no fee on foreign transactions, but charges $3 on foreign ATM withdrawals. I have videos on both Stack PrePaid MasterCard and Mogo Prepaid Visa Card.