Street Food: Tea Stall in Bangladesh

Tea Stall in Dhaka

Wherever you go in Bandladesh (BD) you will find roadside tea stalls or Cha Ghor to offer tea and other light snacks such as biscuits, processed sweetbuns, bananas, gum, cigarettes, etc. The person running the tea stall is commonly called Mama Uncle or Khala Aunt.

Tea stalls are not just tea stalls in BD. It’s a part of culture, social ritual, and much more. Locals hang out and socialize here, deals are sealed, and friendships get started. Total strangers may offer you a cup of tea. In Bangladesh, foreigners are accepted with a welcoming attitude and warm hospitality.

Tea is served in small glass mugs, either with condensed milk or cow milk that has been boiled for long to concentrate, and always with lots of sugar.  Multiple aluminum kettles are used to boil tea and milk at various stages over propane flames.

The taste comes from boiling strong black tea. Also thick milk and lots of sugars, sometimes with ginger and some spices contribute to the uniqueness of the taste. 

The tea stall I tried was a very basic one in Uttara, Dhaka and had very limited snacks. There were benches to sit and enjoy a cup of street tea, but many people often enjoy tea just standing.

The tea stall video is one of the many travel videos I made in my Bangladesh visit. Click on the link provided below or on top to watch. I have not finished posting all my travel videos from my Asia trip yet. I am expecting to finish posting these in the next 4-5 months as I have lots of videos and you can track my trip day-by-day.

Visit Street Food: Tea Stall in Dhaka, Bangladesh

How Expensive Are Toronto’s Fast Food, Street Food, and Restaurants?

My Last Video on Food Prices

I recently did a video on restaurant menu prices, fast food and street food prices in Toronto. You can watch this video by clicking the link on the top left of this article. What’s striking is that even after being a world-class city that ranks higher in various different global ratings, including one of the top ten cities most liveable on earth, Toronto’s food prices are still affordable and cheaper than those other most liveable cities.

In Toronto, you will find a Big Mac at McDonald’s at $5.49 Cad ($4.35 USD) and french fries at $1.49 Cad ($1.15 USD). At Subway, daily deals are $4.00 Cad ($3.19 USD) a sandwich and an Italian Hero Panini is $4.99 Cad ($4 USD).

A slightly upscale fast food chain called Hero Certified Burgers serves beef burger combo made without hormones & antibiotics for $17 Cad ($13.50 USD) that includes 2 4 oz. burgers, 2 ultimate fries and 2 drinks.

Chinese restaurants serving combos between $8 - $10 Cad ($6.35 - $8 USD), which are more than enough for one person and even 2 people can survive on it if you order another extra item a la carte.

Dining at an upscale restaurant (not super upscale) would cost $30 - $50 Cad ($24 - $40 USD) per person, which is still very cheap and reasonable. Similar dishes in another world-class city that’s on the top ten list would easily cost $80 - $100 Cad ($65 - $80 USD) per person.

The video has a variety of example items that you can watch and you can subscribe to my channel by going to my home page here: