Auckland Airport – Qantas International Business Class Lounge Review

New Zealand Travel Blog: Part 16

Last Day in Auckland | Leaving New Zealand

After reaching the airport, I headed to the Qantas Business Class counter. I was done very fast and headed towards the security checkup. The queue was minimal and I passed security without any issues.

But finding the Qantas Business class lounge seemed to be a bit of trouble. After passing the maze of the duty-free shopping area, I found a set of escalators to take to go to the second floor. The Qantas Business class lounge was located directly in front of the Priority Pass Strata Lounge.

The Qantas International Auckland Airport Lounge was somewhat of a mediocre lounge, neither good nor bad. The furniture, including sofas, high chairs, and others, looked bit old but I wouldn’t say it’s a small lounge.

There were some magazines on the shelves and a charging station made of shelves for electronics. I doubt anyone would charge something there and sit somewhere else.

There were coat and luggage racks for storage and I saw a small business centre with computers and printers if you need to work or print something.

The bathroom section looked better and there were plenty of amenities and towels. Shower facilities existed, but you need to go to reception first to use them.

I found the lounge not well lit. It had large windows to bring in natural sunlight, but those frosted windows blocked views and the lighting was not that bright.

The food section was adequate, but nothing extraordinary. I had a coffee and a light snack. I didn’t want to eat too much because I was more interested in trying Qantas’s business class in-flight food later on.

I was early at the airport and my flight was at 6:30 PM, so I had a lot of time on hand and took my time finishing recording the lounge for my YouTube Channel and taking pictures. I also made some calls to Canada to catch up.